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Collage Lite android apk free download

game pic for Collage Lite Name - Collage Lite
Category - multimedia
Resolution - multi
Type - Android 2.2 Froyo
Size - 4192 KB
Rating - 2/5 from 12 ratings
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Ver 20120203, for android 2.2 and up

Arrange your photos beautifully with Collage.
Valentine's day update! Collage makes it easy to arrange images on your smartphone into attractive collages. Get artistic, have fun, and share your collages with friends and family with the Collage app.
Convert your photos collection into amazing collages only limited by your imagination. Don't feel like an artist today? No problem: Shake your phone and Collage will randomly rearrange your photos for you!
You DON'T need multitouch or high-end hardware. Collage will work nicely even on low-end devices and it is specifically designed to be used with only one finger, although multitouch is also supported.
For news and features preview, follow @CollageAndroid in Twitter:!/CollageAndroid
- Multitouch control is optional.
- Load images from the gallery or any other file explorer.
- Take photos with your camera and add them directly to your collage.
- Add and edit text to your collage with your special message
- Decorate your collages with funny stamps. More than 150 to choose from!
- Save and load your collages.
- You can make your collages in portrait or landscape mode! Collage will save the image with the right orientation.
- The background can be set to an image.
- You can change the background and border color.
- Can also change border's width.
- Save the collage in high resolution (higher than the screen!)
- Share your collage using all your phone's sharing applications: twitter, facebook, gmail, bluetooth...
- Have a problem or suggestion? Mail us using the menu key or send us a tweet!
Please, contact us if you have any problem instead of just giving a bad rating! We are willing to help you get Collage running!
This is a limited version, which:
- Has ads
- Only allows 3 photos per collage.
- Saves collages at half-res.
- Only provides 3 fonts for the text.
- Has no acces to the image editor.
For an unlimited version, download "Collage".