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game pic for Chicago Tribune Name - Chicago Tribune
Category - newsmagazines
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Type - Android 1.6 Donut
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Ver 1.9, for android 1.6 and up

News content from the Chicago Tribune.
On the go?
Stay on top of what you need to know with instant access to breaking Chicago news, business, sports and weather.
Have more time to read?
Delve into Chicago's best coverage of entertainment, health, travel and much more. Want to see what's happening? View award-winning photos from around the city and around the world.
See what you want, when you want
The Chicago Tribune Android app content is divided into sections. But you are in control of what you see first. If you want sports news or business news first, simply go into the Settings screen and choose “Reorder sections.” Here you can reorder and turn off sections as you wish while always having the option to change them again later.
Keep your favorites, forever
Find a great story that you want to come back to later? See an amazing photo that you want to view again? With the Chicago Tribune for Android app, keeping your favorite content easily accessible is a click away. Once your content is saved, it's on your app until you take it off.
Share with your friends and family
The Chicago Tribune for Android app has built-in sharing with today’s most popular social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) and also allows you to access your address book and share content via e-mail.
Take us wherever you go, no connection required
Many apps fail when a network isn’t available. The Chicago Tribune for Android app was designed for people who sometimes go where the signal can’t. While you won’t get the latest news when a connection isn’t available, you will have the most recently downloaded information in the app and all your saved items right there with you.
Great photography ahead
One of the greatest things about the Chicago Tribune is our award-winning photojournalism. This app highlights that work in our custom-built galleries area. You’ll be able to browse photos by section and peek into dozens of collections before launching a slideshow.