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game pic for Calibrator - Cell Info Name - Calibrator - Cell Info
Category - systemtools
Resolution - multi
Type - jar
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Ver v3.0, for Java J2ME 240x320

Calibrator works out your phone`s capabilities and what software it supports. You can also review your phone and tell everyone what you think of it so others can find it helpful. There are 2 types of benchmark:

1. Optimised
This is a full service which will benchmark all facilities. If you have problems with this benchmark, use basic.

2. Basic
This will benchmark the basics.

Please Note: You should try Optimised first and only use Basic if Optimised doesn`t work.

Once you post your benchmark you will get a link to the web page to see all the results.

New phones (MIDP 2.0) should download Calibrator2.jar and older phones (MIDP 1.0) should download Calibrator1.jar

Some phones such as the Motorolas will fail at the protocol check stage. In this case try either Calibrator-MIDP1-Motorola-and-others.jar or Calibrator-MIDP2-Motorola-and-others.jar.

Improvements in the latest version:
CalibratorNew added - 4 versions
CalibratorNew.jar - All MIDP 2.0 phones
CalibratorNew_BT.jar - MIDP Phones with JSR 82
CalibratorNew_J3D.jar - MIDP Phones with JSR 184
CalibratorNew_J3D_BT.jar - phones with both JSR 82 and JSR 184