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Type - Android 1.6 Donut
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Ver 1.76, for Android OS 1.6 and up

The App: Motivation Made Mobile.
With the app, Android users have constant access to the world’s largest online health and fitness network: BodySpace!
With the mobile app, you can access BodySpace from your Android device and showcase your photos, track your progress, and network with other members who set, achieve, and surpass their health and fitness goals. And now, with immediate access to hundreds of Workout Videos, nothing stands between you and your fitness success.
NOTE: You must have a registered BodySpace account to use this application. If you don’t have BodySpace yet? Download the app now and start your free profile! You’ll gain immediate access to a community of over one million members invested in physical success.
Check out our full list of anytime, anywhere app features:
Profile Management
? Create a profile or login to your existing profile.
? Networking made easy with complete access to your social news feed.
? Browse BodySpace profiles.
? Add or remove friends.
? View, send, and receive profile comments!
Photo Management
? Upload and manage your fitness progress pictures.
? Upload straight from the Android camera or your picture library!
? Write descriptions for your photos, and set the date taken.
? Set your before and after pictures!
? Tag pictures from a list of poses for easy management.
? View all progress pictures in a sleek thumbnail list or paged gallery.
BodyStats Tracking
?? Update your Fitness Status and enter your goal. \
? Set and comment on your overall Motivation Level.
? Enter and track your weight and body fat %.
? Measure and track your body part progress: from chest to calves!
? View BodySpace charts and your fitness history. Forums Access
? Get your health and fitness questions answered with over 3,562,432!
? Join the web’s largest fitness conversation with more than 70,402,085 posts. Exercise Guides?
? Try new exercises and check your exercise technique straight from the gym!
? Search by muscle group to find the best exercises for your goals.
? Get step-by-step instructions on top exercises and stretches.
? Watch video demonstrations to improve your form
Remember, this is just the beginning!
Soon, we’ll be integrating our Fitness Video Trainers so nothing stands between you and your success.
Download it now, and use the app to spread your fitness story straight from your fingertips. Inspire your friends, and become an inspiration. Build the body you want with the health and fitness support you need.