You Should Worry Says John Henry

Hugh McHugh
You Should Worry Says John
Henry, by George

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Title: You Should Worry Says John Henry
Author: George V. Hobart

Release Date: February 15, 2007 [eBook #20584]
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Illustrations by Edward Carey

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I. You Should Worry About a Tango Lesson 5
II. You Should Worry About an Automobile 28
III. You Should Worry About Dieting 45
IV. You Should Worry About Getting a Goat 64
V. You Should Worry About Being in Love 78

VI. You Should Worry About Snap-Shots 97
VII. You Should Worry About the Servants 108
VIII. You Should Worry About Auction Bridge 130
IX. You Should Worry About Getting the Grip 142
X. You Should Worry About a Musical Evening 158

The idea originated with Bunch Jefferson. You can always count on
Bunch having a few freak ideas in the belfry where he keeps his
butterflies. Bunch and his wife, Alice, live out in Westchester County,
about half a mile from Uncle Peter's bungalow, where friend wife and I
are spending the winter.
The fact that Uncle Peter and Aunt Martha had decided to give us a
party was the inspiration for Bunch's brilliant idea.
"Listen, John," he Macchiavellied; "not one of this push out here knows
a thing about the Tango. Most of them have a foolish idea that it's a
wicked institution invented by the devil, who sold his patent rights to
the Evil-Doers' Association. Now, I'll tell you what we'll do, John: we'll
put them wise. We'll take about two lessons from a good instructor in
town and on the night of the party we'll make the hit of our lives
teaching them all to Tango--are you James to the possibilities?"
"It listens like a good spiel," I agreed; "but will a couple of lessons be
enough for us?"
"Sure," he came back; "we're not a couple of Patsys with the pumps!

We can learn enough in two lessons to make good in this Boob
community. Why, we'll start a Tango craze out here that will put life
and ginger in the whole outfit and presently they'll be putting up statues
in our honor."
Well, to make a long story lose its cunning, we made arrangements
next day with Ikey Schwartz, Dancing Instructor, to explain the
mysteries of this modern home-wrecking proposition known as the
Tango, and paid him in advance the sum of $100.
It seemed to me that a hundred iron men in advance was a nifty little
price for two lessons, but Bunch assured me the price was reasonable
on account of the prevalence of rich scholars willing to divide their
patrimony with anybody who could teach their feet to behave in time to
the music.
We made an appointment to meet Ikey at his "studio" for our first
lesson the following afternoon. Then we hiked for home on the 4.14,
well pleased with our investment and its promise of golden returns.
That night Bunch and Alice were over to our place for dinner. After
dinner Bunch and I sat down by the log fire in the Dutch room, filled
our faces with Havana panatellas, and proceeded to enjoy life in
Into the next room came Alice and Peaches and sat down for their usual
Bunch and I started from our reveries when we heard Alice say to
Peaches, "You don't know what a source of comfort it has been to me
to realize that Bunch doesn't know a blessed thing about the Tango or
any of those hatefully intimate new dances!"
"The same with me, Alice," friend wife chirped in. "I believe if John
were to suddenly display the ability to dance
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