Where No Fear Was

Arthur Christopher Benson
Where No Fear Was

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Title: Where No Fear Was: A Book About Fear
Author: Arthur Christopher Benson
Release Date: November, 2003 [Etext #4611] [Yes, we are more than
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Edition: 10
Language: English
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"Thus they went on till they came to about the middle of the galley, and
then Christiana said, 'Methinks I see something yonder on the read
before us, a thing of such a shape such as I have not seen.' Then said
Joseph, 'Mother, what is it?' 'An ugly thing, Child, an ugly thing,' said
she. 'But, Mother, what is it like?' said he. ''Tis like I cannot tell what,'
said she. And now it was but a little way off. Then said she, 'It is nigh.'"
"Pilgrim's Progress,"
Part II.

Where No Fear Was

There surely may come a time for each of us, if we have lived with any
animation or interest, if we have had any constant or even fitful desire
to penetrate and grasp the significance of the strange adventure of life,
a time, I say, when we may look back a little, not sentimentally or with
any hope of making out an impressive case for ourselves, and
interrogate the memory as to what have been the most real, vivid, and
intense things that have befallen us by the way. We may try to separate
the momentous from the trivial, and the important from the
unimportant; to discern where and how and when we might have acted
differently; to see and to say what has really mattered, what has made a
deep mark on our spirit; what has hampered or wounded or maimed us.
Because one of the strangest things about life seems to be our
incapacity to decide beforehand, or even at the time, where the real and
fruitful joys, and where the dark dangers and distresses lie. The things
that at certain times filled all one's mind, kindled hope and aim, seemed
so infinitely desirable, so necessary to happiness, have faded, many of
them, into the lightest and most worthless of husks and phantoms, like
the withered flowers that we find sometimes shut in the pages of our

old books, and cannot even remember of what glowing and emotional
moment they were the record!
How impossible it is ever to learn anything by being told it! How
necessary it is to pay the full price for any knowledge worth having!
The anxious father, the tearful mother, may warn the little boy before
he goes to school of the dangers
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