Thicker Than Blood

M.A. Newhall
Thicker Than Blood
M. A. Newhall

The latest version can always be found at This is version 0.91 of this
v0.91 4/8/2007 -- Fought with automatic for a .pdf pane with the TOC
ala latex hyperref. It turns out the sffms syntax for non enumerated
chapters means do not index for hyperref's interpretation of chapter
directives. I could have lived with that if it where not for the fact that
SFFMS insists on setting up chapter headings. Rather than fight with it
I used pdfbookmark directives and quietly pointed to each chapter.
What a hack, blech. Anyway the book now has a TOC pane for quick
jumps to chapters. Thanks for the idea Wes, it looks great. A few
awkward sentence edits from JK.
v0.90 4/7/2007 -- This is it folks the big final push. I am once again out
of edits. As far as I can tell this book is COMPLETE and ready to print.
Please read over it and look for ANY errors. On May 7th I am going
1.0 unless I have additional edits to commit. That means two things. I
will send it agents and publishers with the hope of making a deal for
the exclusive right to print and sell the book, and I will be able to
continue work on book 2 in the series. For those folks waiting for the
edited version, this is it. Print it, read it, send me edits ASAP, and I will
add them.
v0.68 3/26/2007 -- Just got back from ICON 26 at SUNY Stonybrook. I
had a blast talking to people about this book and future books. This
update includes the latest pass of edits through chapter 45.

v0.67 3/18/2007 -- Continuing my editing efforts. To reiterate I am
focused on thought, and emphasis italics, bad quote structure, and
repeating character names where 'he' or 'she' would do. I made it to
chapter 40. Only 15 to go.
v0.66 3/11/2007 -- Slightly revised cover. Repaired a couple of errors
in my artwork. In case you are wondering I am not overly attached to
this cover. I'd accept a good professional cover in a heartbeat. It just
sucks less than my original attempt. I have completed more edits
through chapter 37.
v0.65 2/17/2007 -- More edits. This covers a couple more corrections
in chapter 32, and edits up through chapter 34. It's going quicker now.
Less corrections to make.
v0.64 2/14/2007 -- Looks like someone (thank you Carl) helped me
catch a noticeable science error. Turns out I did not think through the
reception and even worse the transmission of ultrasound waves. I feel I
must mention the appearance of strange latticework structures in the
samples they viewed from Joe's blood in chapter 14 and 31. These
structures are source of strange blinking grains that initially look like
static in the ultrasound readout. I'll spare you the details I've worked
out for now lets just say they work vaguely like tiny ear drums. Also
repaired quotes, thoughts and grammar in chapter 25.
v0.63 12/17/2006 -- Just plugging away at the chapters looking for
reoccurring errors. Mostly grammar and putting thoughts in italics. I'll
catch an awkward sentence here and there, but they are getting less
frequent as the book progresses. I am receiving zero edits and no bad
reviews, so I'm guessing that's all the creative commons open editing
has to offer. Thanks everyone for your help. I'll be going to .90 after
this final pass. Up through chapter 23 is complete.
v0.62 12/8/2006 -- Wow. A baby and a promotion later, I'm finally
dragging myself back to edits. Editing your own work is hard! The
inclination is to study the story and characters ignoring the syntax. I
have created a new cover and figured out how embed it in the .pdf. Let
me know what you think. I have finished editing through chapter 18. If

you find any errors before chapter 19 please email them to me.
[email protected].
v0.61 6/16/2006 -- Major change here. I wrote a new chapter 1 or a
chapter 0 if you like. Did a pile of detailed edits on the early chapters. I
am in the process of typesetting all the thoughts into italics, I finished
up through chapter 15. Thanks Jen. In addition I cleaned up the .tex file
enough that the title now appears on the first page of the PDF not the
v0.52 5/31/2006 -- Some light edits.
v0.51 4/8/2006 -- Switched the pre-story stuff back to double space.
v0.50 4/2/2006 -- I have finally parsed a substantial pile of edits
(thousands). Made further improvements in the weaker early chapters.
Set up TeX to generate single spaced .pdfs for easier printing so page
numbers have now radically changed -33 percent. In hoping the book is
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