The Rover Boys in Camp

Edward Stratemeyer
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The Rover Boys in Camp

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Title: The Rover Boys in Camp or, The Rivals of Pine Island
Author: Edward Stratemeyer
Release Date: May 7, 2005 [eBook #15795]
Language: English
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Or, The Rivals of Pine Island
Arthur M. Winfield

My Dear Boys: "The Rover Boys in Camp" is a complete story in itself,
but forms the eighth volume of "The Rover Boys Series for Young
As I have mentioned before, when I started this line of stories I had in
mind to make not more than three, or possibly four, volumes. But the
publication of "Rover Boys at School," "Rover Boys on the Ocean,"
"Rover Boys in the Jungle," and "Rover Boys Out West" did not appear
to satisfy my readers, and so I followed with "Rover Boys on the Great
Lakes," "Rover Boys in the Mountains," and lastly with "Rover Boys
on Land and Sea." But the publishers say there is still a cry for "more!
more!" and so I now present to you this new Rover Boys book, which
relates the adventures of Dick, Tom, and Sam, and a number of their
old-time friends, at home, at dear old Putnam Hall, and in camp on Pine
In writing this tale I have had in mind two thoughts--one to give my
young readers an out-and-out story of jolly summer adventure, along
with a little touch of mystery, and the other to show them that it very
often pays to return good for evil. Arnold Baxter had done much to
bring trouble to the Rover family, but what Dick Rover did in return
was Christian-like in the highest meaning of that term. Dick was not a
"goody-goody" youth, but he was a thoroughly manly one, and his
example is well worth following by any lad who wishes to make
something of himself.
Once more let me thank all of those who have expressed themselves as

satisfied with the previous stories in this series. I earnestly trust the
present volume will also prove acceptable to them, and will do them
Affectionately and sincerely yours,

I. The Rover Boys at Home II. News of Interest III. A Midnight Visitor
IV. A Useless Pursuit V. On the Way to Putnam Hall VI. Fun on the
Boat VII. Something About the Military Academy VIII. A Scene in the
Gymnasium IX. Settling Down to Study X. An Adventure in Cedarville
XI. A Quarrel and it Results XII. The Election for Officers XIII. The
Fight at the Boathouse XIV. Getting Ready for the Encampment XV.
On the March to the Camp XVI. The First Day on Pine Island XVII.
The Enemy Plot Mischief XVIII. Hazers at Work XIX. A Storm in
Camp XX. The Rover Boys and the Ball XXI. A Tug of War XXII. A
Swim and Some Snakes XXIII. A Glimpse of an Old Enemy XXIV.
More Rivalry XXV. Winning the Contests XXVI. Sam Shows What He
Can Do XXVII. A Prisoner of the Enemy XXVIII. Dick's Midnight
Adventure XXIX. True Heroism XXX. Turning a New
"All out for Oak Run!" shouted the brakeman of the train, as he thrust
his head in through the doorway of the car. "Step lively, please!"
"Hurrah for home!" shouted a curly-headed youth of sixteen, as he
caught up a small dress-suit case. "Come on, Sam."
"I'm coming, Tom," answered a boy a year younger. "Where is Dick?"

"Here I am," replied Dick Rover, the big brother of the others. "Just
been in the baggage car, making sure the trunks would be put off," he
added. "Say, but this looks natural, doesn't it, after traveling thousands
of miles across the Pacific?"
"And across the Continent from San Francisco," put in Sam Rover.
"Do you know, I feel as if I'd been away for an age?"
"It's what we've gone through with that makes you feel that way, Sam,"
came from Tom Rover. "Just think of being cast away on a lonely
island like Robinson Crusoe! Why, half the folks won't believe our
story when they hear it."
"They'll have to believe it." Sam hopped down to the depot platform,
followed by the others.
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