The Quest of Happy Hearts

Kathleen Hay
The Quest of Happy Hearts

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Title: The Quest of Happy Hearts
Author: Kathleen Hay
Release Date: December, 2005 [EBook #9466] [This file was first
posted on October 3, 2003]

Edition: 10
Language: English
Character set encoding: US-ASCII

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Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaders



I. Plans
II. On the Way
III. A Glimpse of the Tower Room
IV. Plans for the Party
V. Exploring the Forest
VI. Marty and Jerry
VII. Talking over the Day
VIII. The Story of the Tower Room
IX. Adding to the Quest

"Whoever heard of such a plan--a visit to Land's End! The very name
of the place suggests the last spot on the globe; a great old house set
down on the edge of a forest; and Dad called off on business for an
indefinite period, but seemingly content to ship us on a wild goose
chase. He's scarcely told us a word before of the place or of great-aunt
Janice Meredith!"
Nora's tones were dismal indeed, as she rushed into the living room to
join the other girls to discuss their journey.
She found the group the reverse of cheerful, at the prospect of this
sudden change of plans, by the invitation to go to Land's End for a visit.
"I have spent many happy days there with Aunt Janice and others," Mr.
Meredith had told them on leaving, "but since your uncle Harry's death,
have been there seldom--some day--" just at that point he paused with a
sigh, and changed from what he had started to say--"Be dutiful and
very loving to Aunt Janice; now there's only time for good-bye."
That was all they knew, entirely too little to satisfy the young Meredith
"A visit to Land's End, what a prospect," Janey joined in sympathy with
Nora; the two were near together in age, while Beth and Alice were
younger. They sat listening to the complaints of the older girls, not yet
having had a chance to express their views.
"Great-aunt Janice may be a lovely old lady," Beth seeing a chance
broke in, by way of consolation; she threw down her story book to join
in the discussion and plans that were inevitable.
The two brothers Don and Harry had gone to the station to see their
father off and so the girls did not know their views as to what was to

"How can we tell what Land's End is like, it may be a--a--castle!"
"Don't be silly, Beth--you must be reading a fairy tale!" Nora's tone
was scornful, but in a moment she was sorry.
Alice, the youngest of the Meredith's clapped her hands happily,
however, at Beth's suggestion.
"It may be a real--palace, Beth--wouldn't that be delightful?"
"Well, call it a castle of dreams, if you like," Nora began to smile, "it's
no use crying over what can't be helped, because that wouldn't change
the situation; if we must, that's settled. Dad has made the arrangements
for us, by accepting the invitation, and there's nothing left to do but
make the best of it after all!"
Janey's face, as well as Beth's and Alice's began to brighten at Nora's
changed attitude.
"Land's End may be far happier to visit than we can dream of," Janey
joined in quietly, "and now we had best get right to packing, for there
isn't much time to lose."
"Could we do a little shopping?" Beth asked, "there may not be any
stores near."
"We can't carry too much though," Nora said, by way of precaution,
"however we must all remember to take Aunt Janice something; it's
good of her to take us all in for an indefinite visit."
"Only six additions
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