The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898

Edited E. H. and J. A. Robertson Blair
The Philippine Islands,
1493-1898 - Volume 14 1606-1609

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Title: The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898: Volume XIV., 1606-1609
Explorations By Early Navigators, Descriptions Of The Islands And
Their Peoples, Their History And Records Of The Catholic Missions,
As Related In Contemporaneous Books And Manuscripts, Showing
The Political, Economic, Commercial And Religious Conditions Of
Those Islands From Their Earliest Relations With European Nations To
The Close Of The Nineteenth Century
Author: Various
Editor: Emma Helen Blair and James Alexander Robertson
Release Date: March 23, 2005 [EBook #15445]
Language: English
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The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898
Explorations by early navigators, descriptions of the islands and their
peoples, their history and records of the catholic missions, as related in
contemporaneous books and manuscripts, showing the political,
economic, commercial and religious conditions of those islands from
their earliest relations with European nations to the close of the
nineteenth century,
Volume XIV, 1606-1609
Edited and annotated by Emma Helen Blair and James Alexander
Robertson with historical introduction and additional notes by Edward
Gaylord Bourne.


Preface 9 Documents of 1605
Complaints against the archbishop. Pedro de Acuña, and others; Manila,
July 1-4 29 Relations with the Chinese. Pedro de Acuña, and others;
Manila, July 4 and 5 38 Letters to Felipe III. Pedro de Acuña, Manila,
July 1-15 53
Documents of 1606
The Dominican mission of 1606. Diego Aduarte, O.P., and others;
1604-06 81 The Dutch factory at Tidore. Joan ----; Tidore, March 16
112 The Sangley insurrection of 1603. Miguel Rodriguez de
Maldonado; Sevilla, 1606 119 Letter from the Audiencia to Felipe III.
Telles de Almaçan, and others; Manila, July 6 140 Letter from the
fiscal to Felipe III. Rodrigo Diaz Guiral; Manila, July 149 The
Terrenate expedition. Council of the Indias; San Lorenzo, August 5 and
15 173 Decree establishing a way-station for Philippine vessels on the
California coast. Felipe III; San Lorenzo el Real, August 19 182
Chinese immigration in the Philippines. Pedro Muñoz de Herrera, and
others; July-November 189 Letter to Acuña. Felipe III; Ventosilla,
November 4 193
Documents of 1607
Petition for a grant to the Jesuit seminary in Leyte. Madrid, January 18

199 Artilltry at Manila in 1607. Alonso de Biebengud; Manila, July 6
201 Letter from Audiencia to Felipe III, on the Confraternity of La
Misericordia. Pedro Hurtado Desquivel; Manila, July 11 208 Trade of
the Philippines with Mexico. Madrid, December 18 214 Passage of
missionaries via the Philippines to Japan. Conde de Lemos, and others;
Madrid, 1606-07 218
Documents of 1608-09
Annual receipts and expenditures of the Philippine government. Pedro
de Caldierva de Mariaca; Manila, Aug. 18, 1608 243 Decrees regarding
way-station for Philippine vessels. Felipe III; [Aranjuez.], September
27, 1608, and San Lorenzo, May 13, 1609 270 Letters to Juan de Silva.
Felipe III; May 26 and July 29, 1609 278 Expeditions to the province
of Tuy. Juan Manuel de la Vega; Passi, July 3, 1609 281 Petition of a
Filipino chief for redress. Miguel Banal; Quiapo, July 25, 1609 327
Despatch of missionaries to the Philippines. Diego Aduarte, and others;
[1608-09?] 330
Bibliographical Data 339

Aqvapolqve (view of harbor of Acapulco, Mexico); photographic
facsimile of engraving in Levinus Hulsius's Eigentliche uund
wahrhaftige Beschreibung (Franckfurt am Mayne, M. DC. XX), p. 60;
from copy in library of Harvard University 103 View of Japanese
champan; photographic facsimile of engraving in T. de Bry's
Peregrinationes, 1st ed. (Amsterdame, 1602), tome xvi, no.
iv--"Voyage faict entovr de l'univers par Sr. Olivier dv Nort"--p. 42;
from copy in Boston Public Library 223

The documents here presented range from 1605 to 1609. Many of them
concern the Chinese revolt of 1603 and its results, of which much
apprehension still exists; but the threatened danger passes away, and
the ordinances excluding the Sangleys from the islands are so relaxed
that soon the Parián is as large as in 1603. The usual difficulties
between the ecclesiastical and the secular authorities continue; and to
the religious orders represented in the islands is added a new one, that

of the discalced Augustinians, or Recollects. Acuña conducts an
expedition to drive out the Dutch from the Moluccas, and soon
afterward dies. Various commercial restrictions hinder the prosperity of
the islands; and the new fiscal, Guiral, complains of various illegal and
injurious proceedings on the part of officials. The expenses of
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