The Midewiwin or Grand Medicine Society of the Ojibwa

Walter James Hoffman

EBook of The Mide'wiwin or "Grand Medicine Society"?by Walter James Hoffman

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Title: The Mide'wiwin or "Grand Medicine Society" of the Ojibwa Seventh Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1885-1886, Government Printing Office, Washington, 1891, pages 143-300
Author: Walter James Hoffman
Release Date: September 25, 2006 [EBook #19368]
Language: English
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CONTENTS. Page Introduction 149 Shamans 156 Mid?¡°?¡äwiwin 164 Mid?¡°?¡äwig?¡én 187 First degree 189 Preparatory instruction 189 Mid?¡°?¡ä therapeutics 197 Imploration for clear weather 207 Initiation of candidate 210 Descriptive notes 220 Second degree 224 Preparation of candidate 224 Initiation of candidate 231 Descriptive notes 236 Third degree 240 Preparation of candidate 241 Initiation of candidate 243 Descriptive notes 251 Fourth degree 255 Preparation of candidate 257 Initiation of candidate 258 Descriptive notes 274 Dzhibai?¡ä Mid?¡°?¡äwig?¡én 278 Initiation by substitution 281 Supplementary notes 286 Pictography 286 Music 289 Dress and ornaments 298 Future of the society 299

[Plates and Figures were numbered continuously within each Bureau of Ethnology volume, so there is no Plate I in this article.]
Page Plate II. Map showing present distribution of Ojibwa 150 III. Red Lake and Leech Lake records 166 IV. Sikas?¡äsigea€?s record 170 V. Origin of ??n?-shin?¡é?¡äb?¡°g 172 VI. Facial decoration 174 VII. Facial decoration 178 VIII. Ojibwaa€?s record 182 IX. Mnemonic songs 193 X. Mnemonic songs 202 XI. Sacred objects 220 XII. Invitation sticks 236 XIII. Mnemonic songs 238 XIV. Mnemonic songs 288 XV. Sacred posts 240 XVI. Mnemonic songs 244 XVII. Mnemonic songs 266 XVIII. J??s?¡äsakk??d?¡ä removing disease 278 XIX. Birch-bark records 286 XX. Sacred bark scroll and contents 288 XXI. Mid?¡°?¡ä relics from Leech Lake 390 XXII. Mnemonic songs 392 XXIII. Mid?¡°?¡ä dancing garters 298
Fig. 1. Herbalist preparing medicine and treating patient 159 2. Sikas?¡äsig??a€?s combined charts, showing descent of M???¡änab??¡äzho 174 3. Origin of ginseng 175 4. Peep-hole post 178 5. Migration of ??n?-shin?¡é?¡äb?¡°g 179 6. Birch-bark record, from White Earth 185 7. Birch-bark record, from Bed Lake 186 8. Birch-bark record, from Red Lake 186 9. Eshgib??¡äga 187 10. Diagram of Mid?¡°?¡äwig?¡én of the first degree 188 11. Interior of Mid?¡°?¡äwig?¡én 188 12. Ojibwa drums 190 13. Mid?¡°?¡ä rattle 191 14. Mid?¡°?¡ä rattle 191 15. Shooting the M??gis 192 16. Wooden beads 205 17. Wooden effigy 205 18. Wooden effigy 205 19. Hawk-leg fetish 220 20. Huntera€?s medicine 222 21. Huntera€?s medicine 222 22. W?¡éb??n??¡ä drum 223 23. Diagram of Mid?¡°?¡äwig?¡én of the second degree 224 24. Mid?¡°?¡ä destroying an enemy 238 25. Diagram of Mid?¡°?¡äwig?¡én of the third degree 240 26. J??s?¡äsakk?¡én?¡ä, or jugglera€?s lodge 252 27. J??s?¡äsakk?¡én?¡ä, or jugglera€?s lodge 252 28. J??s?¡äsakk?¡én?¡ä, or jugglera€?s lodge 252 29. J??s?¡äsakk?¡én?¡ä, or jugglera€?s lodge 252 30. J??s?¡äsakk?¡én?¡ä, or jugglera€?s lodge 252 31. J??s?¡äsakk??d?¡ä curing woman 255 32. J??s?¡äsakk??d?¡ä curing man 255 33. Diagram of Mid?¡°?¡äwig?¡én of the fourth degree 255 34. General view of Mid?¡°?¡äwig?¡én 256 35. Indian diagram of ghost lodge 279 36. Leech Lake Mid?¡°?¡ä song 295 37. Leech Lake Mid?¡°?¡ä song 296 38.
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