The Boy Scounts on a Submarine

Captain John Blaine
The Boy Scounts on a Submarine

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Title: The Boy Scounts on a Submarine
Author: Captain John Blaine
Release Date: August, 2004 [EBook #6339] [Yes, we are more than
one year ahead of schedule] [This file was first posted on November 28,
Edition: 10

Language: English
Character set encoding: ASCII

Scanned by Sean Pobuda ([email protected])

By Captain John Blaine

A great barking of dogs broke the silence of the sleepy summer
afternoon. Elinor Pomeroy laid down her knitting and slowly walked
around the house. The barking of the three big dogs had been on a
joyous tone. A young man was racing up the long front drive, the dogs
leaping and bounding around him.
"Three rousing cheers, old dear," he cried. "Three cheers! I have won
"Do you really mean it, Lester?" she cried. "Do you really mean that
your invention is a success?"
"It certainly is, Elinor," he answered, a certain gravity coming into his
face and manner. "I know now that it is all right. We have even tried it
out, and I am sure of it."
Elinor took her excited brother by the arm and led him to the wide,
swinging hammock.
"Begin at the beginning," she ordered gently. "I want to hear the whole

"Well, then," he commenced obediently, "this morning, as soon as I got
to the plant, I asked for a meeting with the bureau of management. Well,
I went in and told them what I had done; how I happened on a partial
combination when I was analyzing something for the office. I told them
that I had worked it out further and further, and that finally I found
what I was hunting for--a gas that was powerful enough to affect a
large number of men and put them out temporarily, without injuring
them after the effects wore off.
"Well, they listened, and when I told them my idea was to use it along
the battle front instead of the ghastly deadly gases used by the Germans,
they commenced to sit up and take notice. You see, sis, my invention is
far reaching than anything yet known. It puts out thousands of men
with the contents of one grenade, and sinks them into such a deep sleep
that they are absolutely helpless for hours. During this time, our men
can occupy their positions, and send hundreds of trucks to the rear
loaded with sleeping prisoners. When they come to, they are all right.
"They listened, all right, and then they commenced to ask questions. I
offered to try it out right there, but they didn't seem to want to. Then
Mr. Leffingwell spoke up. You know what a good sport he is. He said,
'Well, fellows, there may be a lot to this. I have a couple of hundred
cows out Marcellus way, and I'm going to sacrifice them to my country.
Let's take the car, and try this thing out if this young man has enough
on hand for a man-sized bomb.'
"Some of the men said he was a fool to risk that herd. My own opinion
was that he thought the stuff wouldn't work at all in the open. Anyway,
we got into the cars, and went out to the dandiest farm you ever saw.
"We drove the cows all into one end of a big lot because there was no
way to send the grenade with sufficient force to spread the gas; but I
went as close as I dared, and threw with all my might. It struck a stone
and broke and right quick a couple of cows close to the grenade sort of
crumpled up and laid down, and some
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