The Annual Catalogue (1737)

W. Warner

Annual Catalogue (1737), by J. Worrall and W. Warner

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Title: The Annual Catalogue (1737) Or, A New and Compleat List of All The New Books, New Editions of Books, Pamphlets, &c.
Author: J. Worrall W. Warner
Release Date: January 22, 2007 [EBook #20416]
Language: English
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Annual Catalogue:
A new and compleat LIST of
New Editions of BOOKS,
In History, Divinity, Law, Poetry, Plays, Novels, Painting, Architecture, and all other Sciences; from January the First, 1736, to January the First, 1737. Giving an Account of the Prices they sell for, and whom printed by.
Useful to all who delight in Reading, but more especially to Gentlemen, Ladies, and Booksellers in the Country; not only to let them know what Books are published, but their exact Prices.
Printed for J. WORRALL, at the Dove in Bell-Yard, near Lincoln's-Inn, and W. WARNER, at Dryden's-Head, next the Rose Tavern, without Temple-Bar, 1737. [Price Six-Pence.]

As all Lovers of Literature, are pleased to know what Works are published; the following LIST was principally intended, for those Gentlemen, Ladies, &c. who live remote from London, or seldom see the Multitude of News-Papers, wherein Books are advertised; that they might for a small Expence see what BOOKS have been publish'd in the Preceeding Year 1736. And what makes this Tract farther Useful, is, I have printed the Titles of the BOOKS Alphabetically, and distinguished the Booksellers Name in Italic, each Book is printed for, and its Price.
Therefore 'tis hoped the Variety this Tract affords, will yield something to please every Reader, which will be grateful to
The Editor.
* * * * *
[Just publish'd.]
Printed for J. WORRALL, and W. WARNER.
Gallick Reports: Or, A Collection of Criminal Cases adjudg'd in the Courts of Judicature in France.
In which is Comprized,
An Account of Arnold du Tilh, an Impostor, who deceived a Man's Wife and Relations, and puzzled, for a long Time, the Parliament of France. Memoirs of the famous Madam de Brinvilliers, who poisoned her Father, and two Brothers, and attempted the Life of her Sister, &c. The Misfortunes of the Sieur d' Anglade, condemn'd (tho' Innocent) to the Gallies, and who died before his Innocence was discovered. The Intrigues of Cardinal Richlieu for the Destruction of Urban Grandier, a Priest, whom he caused to be burnt for Sorcery. The Case of Madam Tiquet, beheaded in the late Reign, for attempting the Life of her Husband.
To which is prefixed a copious Preface, in Relation to the Laws and Constitution of France.
* * * * *
Abrabanal's (Sol.) complaint of the Children of Israel, representing their Grievance under the Penal-Laws, and praying, that if the Tests are repealed, the Jews may have the Benefit of this Indulgence, &c. 6d.
Abridgement (A new) of the Law, 2 vols. Sold by H. Lintot, 2l. 10s.
Abridgement of the Statutes from the 4th to the 9th Years of King George IId, inclusive, being Vol. the 9th, R. Gosling, 4s. 6d.
Abstracts of the Act for Building the Bridge at Westminster. To which are added, Terms of Insurance, &c. J. Millan, 1s.
Abstracts of the Acts of the 8th Year of K. George IId, J. Baskett, 3s. 6d.
Acis and Galatea; A Pastoral Opera, J. Osborne, 6d.
Addison's Dissertation on the most celebrated Roman Poets, J. Wilford, 2s.
Address to the People; occasioned by an Insult upon some late Acts of Parliament, J. Roberts, 3d.
Adventures of Eovaai, Princess of Ijavio, a Pre-Adamitical History, &c. S. Baker, 2s. 6d.
Advice of a Mother to her Son and Daughter, 2d Edit. T. Owen, 1s.
Advice to a Friend on his Marriage, T. Cooper, 1s.
Advice of a Mother to her Son and Daughter, publish'd in France and Holland, with great Applause, T. Worrall, 2s.
Ainsworth's (Rob.) Thesaurus Lingu? Latin?, Compendiarius: Or, A Compendious Dictionary of the Latin Tongue, Mess. Knapton, &c. 18s.
Ainsworth's natural and easy Way of Institution, by making a domestic Education less chargeable to Parents, &c. J. Wilford, 1s.
Alberoni's (Card.) Scheme for reducing the Turkish Empire to the Obedience of Christian Princes, &c. J. Roberts, 1s. 6d.
Allen's (William) Ways and Means to raise the Value of Land: Or, The Landlord's Companion, &c. J. Roberts, 1s.
Alliance (The) between Church and State: Or, The Necessity of an Establish'd Religion, &c. F. Gyles, 2s.
Alzire: Or, Les Americains, Tragedie A Paris, 1736, J. Nourse, 1s. 6d.
Alzira, a Tragedy from the Fr. J. Osborne, 1s. 6d.
Anacreon's Works, Greek and English, with Notes, J. Osborne, 3s.
Anderson's (Jam.) Royal Genealogical Tables of
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