The Aldine, Vol. 5, No. 1., January, 1872

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The Aldine, Vol. 5, No. 1., January, 1872

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Title: The Aldine, Vol. 5, No. 1., January, 1872 A Typographic Art Journal
Author: Various
Release Date: February 17, 2005 [EBook #15092]
Language: English
Character set encoding: ISO-8859-1

Produced by Juliet Sutherland, Sandra Brown and the PG Online Distributed Proofreading Team.

[Illustration: A VENETIAN FESTIVAL.--C. HULK.]
"_Il ne faut pas tant regarder ce qu'on doit faire que ce qu'on peut faire_."
"THE ALDINE PRESS."--JAMES SUTTON & Co., Printers, 58 Maiden Lane, New York.
Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1872, by JAMES SUTTON, JR., in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington, D. C.

Abyssinia, A Peep at Editorial 186 Adirondacks, The Heart of the Editorial 194 After the Comet _W.L. Alden_ 136 A Great Master and His Greatest Work Editorial 83 Aldine Chromos for 1873 Editorial 228 Alpine World, The Editorial 134 America, Home Life in Editorial 76 American Robin, The Gilbert Darling 327 Angling, A Few Words on Henry Richards 155 Architecture _W. Von Humboldt_ 43 Art 28 Artistic Evening, An Editorial 248 Art-Musee in America, An Erastus South 127 Art, Roman _Ottfreid MĘ╣ller_ 32 At Rest. (Poem) _Julia C.R. Dorr_ 234 August in the Woods _W.W. Bailey_ 161 Ausable, Morning on the Editorial 40 Authorship, Style in Stewart 75 Autumn Rambles _W.W. Bailey_ 212 A Yarn Uncle Bluejacket 216
Babes in the Wood, The Editorial 223 Badger Hunting Editorial 225 Barry Cornwall, To. (Poem) _A.C. Swinburne_ 50 Beauty, Of Bacon. 107 Beside the Sea. (Poem) _Mary E. Bradley_ 161 Biography Henry Richards 65 Bishop's Oak _Caroline Cheesebro_' 172 Black Gnat, The _A.R.M._ 34 Blood Money Editorial 207 Blue-Birds Gilbert Burling 163 Books, Borrowing Leigh Hunt 36 "Bridge of Sighs," Hood's Editorial 50 Bronte's (Charlotte) Brother and Father January Searle 111 Building of the Ship, The. (Poem) Longfellow 89
Cedar Bird, The Gilbert Burling 85 Celebration of the Passover, The Editorial 64 Chase, After the Editorial 227 Chet's, Miss, Club _Caroline Cheesbro'_ 59 Children, Loss of Little Leigh Hunt 104 Chinese Stories Henry Richards 215 Christmas Trees _W.W. Bailey_ 234 Coleridge as a Plagiarist 23 Coming Out of School Editorial 12 Cosas de Espana Editorial 86 Crown Diamonds and other Gems _S.F. Corkran_ 181
Daisies, Among The _A.S. Isaacs_ 23 December and May Editorial 147 Death Chase, The Editorial 236 Dogs, About Henry Richards 175 Dogs, Education of Henry Richards 234
Englishmen, Religion of _H. Taine_ 183 English Rhymes and Stories Henry Richards 96 En Miniature. (From the German) _M.A.P. Humphreys_ 132 Exquisite Moment, An Editorial 93
Fancie's Dream _Lolly Dinks's Mother_ 34 Fancie's Farewell _Lolly Dinks's Mother_ 114 Fawn Family, A Day with a Editorial 107 Feast of the Tabernacles, The Editorial 64 Fra Bartolomeo Editorial 106 Forester's Happy Family, The Editorial 167 Forester's Last Coming Home, The Editorial 56 Fortune of The Hassans, The _C.F. Guernsey_ 123 Friendship of Poets, The Editorial 50 Frosty Day, A. (Poem) _J.L. Warren_ 11
Garden, In the Betsy Drew 138 Gems, Colored _W.S. Ward_ 39 Going to the Volcano _T.M. Coan_ 245 Green River. (Poem) _W.C. Bryant_ 72 Gypsies, The Editorial 166
Heart of Kosciusko, The Editorial 113 Heartsease. (Poem) _Mary E. Bradley_ 43 Hello! Editorial 193 Home and Exile Editorial 237 House with the Hollyhocks, The _A.L. Noble_ 177 House Wrens Gilbert Burling 105 How to Tame Pet Birds January Searle 146 Hunt (Leigh), A Last Visit to January Searle 192 Hunting Snails _T.M. Coan_ 156
Ideal, The Theodore Parker 133 Il Beato. (From the German) _M.A.P. Humphrey_ 183 Ill Wind, An Leslie Malbone 112 Inside the Door _Caroline Cheesebro'_ 30 Ireland, A Glimpse at _T.M. Coan_ 119 Island, On an _Caroline Cheesebro'_ 114
Jack and Gill Editorial 223
King Baby. (Poem) George Cooper 224 Kingfisher, The Editorial 125 King's Rosebud, The. (Poem) _Julia C.R. Porr_ 107 Knowledge Ethics of the Fathers 135
"Lais Corinthaica," Holbein's Editorial 182 Lalalo--A Legend of Galicia. (From the Spanish) _H.S. Conant_ 164 Lamp-Light Julian Hawthorne 165 Lisbon, Loiterings around Editorial 44 Literature 28, 47, 67, 88, 108, 128, 148, 168, 188, 208 Little Emily Editorial 178 Liverworts. (Poem) _W.W. Bailey_ 70 Longfellow's House and Library _Geo. W. Greene_ 100 Love Aloft Editorial 116 Love's Humility. (Poem) _B.G. Hosmer_ 141
Mandarin, A From the French 19 Manifest Destiny. (Poem) _R.H. Stoddard_ 47 Man in Blue, The _R.B. Davey_ 50 Man in the Moon, The _Yule-tide Stories_ 120 Man's Unselfish Friend Editorial 60 Married in a Snow-Storm. (From the Russian) _Wm. Percival_ 152 Marsh and Pond Flowers
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