Sexpertise - Secrets Of Total Satisfaction

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SEXPERTISESecrets of Total Satisfaction
by the editors of MEN'S HEALTH Books
Copyright 1998 by Rodale Press, Inc.,
Emmaus, PA 18098.
Third Printing 1998This book is meant to increase your knowledge of human
sexuality. Because everyone is different, a physician must diagnose
conditions and supervise the treatment of individual health and
sexuality problems. The information here is designed to help you make
informed choices about your health. It is not intended as a substitute
for any treatment prescribed by your doctor.
We believe that an active and healthy sex life, based on mutual
consent and respect between partners, is an important component of
physical and mental well-being. We also respect that sex is a private
matter, and that each person has a different opinion of what sexual
practices or levels of discourse are appropriate. Rodale Press is
committed to offering responsible, practical advice about sexual
matters, supported by accredited professionals and legitimate scientific
research. Our goal-regarding sex and all other topics-is to publish
information that empowers people's lives.

Becoming a MasterWhen it comes to the male ego regarding sexual expertise, we all hope
to hear our names attached to some sort of proper tide of prowess: Earl
of Eroticism, Duke of Desire, Lord of the Laying Lambada. (Or maybe
just to hear our women refer to us as studs would be nice.) Problem is,
having a tide of sexual distinction is not a natural born right. To
become a master of anything, you have to learn the art, study the
science. By putting your knowledge together with real-life practice,
you gain invaluable experience. This is what the maestros of
movement, the Don Juans of our day, know to be true.
So here is how we envision you earning your master's degree.
First, you need to prime your body for optimum performance. Sure, it's
important to stay fit and eat healthy; you know that already. That's
why, in the first section of this guide, we give you a few more
applicable pointers from the sex exercise and nutrition experts we
consulted. Now, when we call this section "Basics," we're not talking
about high school sex ed class - no, this is definitely the graduate level
course. But just like any elite athlete, you need to physically prepare
yourself for the performance prior to focusing on technique.
Next, we offer advanced classes in the art of seduction. To be
an unforgettable lover, you need to know where and how to touch her
to get her panting for you. In this section you'll learn how to improve
your foreplay approach, know for certain how to hit the right spots
every time, and romance her with sensual massage.
Finally, to be the best lover she's ever had, you have to know
the rules of lovemaking, the hottest positions, and how to deliver a kiss
that makes her knees buckle. So becoming a sex expert is about dis-
covering the secrets to mutual, complete satisfaction. It's easier than
you think-in fact, it's unbelievably easy - and a heck of a lot more fun
than, say, inorganic chemistry. Now all you have to do to become a
master in your own right is study this manual in preparation for one
delightful test after the next. Happy learning!
Training Your Love Muscles
You already know that with a regular workout routine you can
become trim and toned in no time. This is the first step toward actually
getting sex. (A nice car and a powerful deodorant help, too.) When
you keep your body in shape, your energy is up, as is your libido. Now
it's time for some "love muscle" training.
Unless you know some sexual positions the rest of us haven't
heard of, bulging neck muscles aren’t going to make a whole world of
difference between the sheets. You need to add some exercises and
stretches that target the parts of the body called into play during
lovemaking. The following moves will help boost your performance
when the time is right.
Cramp-Proof Calves
For your legs, the issue is flexibility, not
strength. During orgasm, men sometimes overflex
their calf muscles. "Didn’t you ever get a knot in
one of your calves during sex?" asks Eric Gron-
bech, Ph.D., a professor of physical education at
Chicago State University, who studies the link
between fitness and libido. Either of the following
two stretches will help.
Classic runner's stretch. Stand about 4
feet from a wall. Shift one leg forward about 8
inches, bending it at the knee, while keeping the
back leg straight. Now reach out and rest your hands against the wall
at about chest height, leaning into it as you keep your back leg straight,
heel flat on the floor. As you lean forward, you should feel the stretch
in your back leg, from your heel to the back of your knee. Hold the
position for a count of 20, then relax, switch legs, and repeat.
Bedtime calf stretch. Lie flat on your back on the bed with
one leg bent, foot flat against the mattress. Straighten the opposite leg
To get
through an
session, what
you need first
and foremost
is stamina.

and raise it as far as you can until it's pointing at the ceiling. Hold the
leg steady and exhale as you slowly flex your foot, aiming your toes
down toward your chest.
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