Sex Secrets - How To Turn A Woman On Satisfy Her In A Big Way

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“Sex Secrets”
How To Turn A Woman On,
Satisfy Her In A Big Way…
And Get Her To Do The Things
You’ve Always Wanted
By David DeAngelo
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Sex Secrets
How To Turn A Woman On, Satisfy Her In A Big Way, And Get Her To Do
The Things You've Always Wanted
To begin with, I want to remind you of the differences between how
men and women approach and experience sex.
To set the stage, I first want to talk about “experience.”
As humans, we use our five primary senses to take in information
about the world. This is called “Perception.” Most of this happens on an
We then take what we get from our senses and we process this
information. We compare it to what we’ve experienced before, we classify it,
we imagine it in different ways, and we have UNCONSCIOUS reactions to it.
Next, we make decisions about what we’re going to do with what we
just experienced. Again, these are mostly UNCONSCIOUS.
Finally, we take action on what we decided to do. You guessed it...
again, mostly unconsciously.
This description is oversimplified, but I think it’s a useful model to
work with here.
Basically, I believe that men and women go through these four stages
a little differently. And when it comes to sex, I believe that they go through
them much differently.
I mention this because most people deal with other people the way
that they want to be dealt with. They communicate in ways that make sense
to themselves. They usually assume that they know what’s best for others
without checking first.
This only makes sense. Most people don’t walk around saying to
themselves “Hmmm, I wonder if Sarah tastes the same thing as I do when
she drinks coffee?” and “I wonder if water tastes exactly the same to her...
or if it’s just slightly different...”
Most people have asked these questions once or twice in life, but they
usually stop asking once they decide that most people have the same
experiences as they do when they drink coffee, etc.

Here’s the deal: When it comes to most ‘gross’ experiences (meaning
common level) like getting hit with a baseball, tasting salt, or seeing a color,
we as humans usually have pretty similar experiences.
But when it comes to ‘subtle’ experiences (meaning less extreme, and
in this context, also more complex) people, and especially different genders,
have vastly different experiences.
For instance, if you show a man and a woman a picture of a Victoria’s
Secret catalogue, the man will usually notice all of the women, while the
woman will notice the clothing, including the colors and the details.
Finally, the order or sequence of experiences and thoughts have a
major role in the responses that men and women demonstrate.
In the area of sex, men are usually pretty simple: See hot woman, get
turned on and want sex. All in about 1-3 seconds. A man can be outside
working on his car and see a beautiful woman out of the corner of his eye,
and instantly be in the mood.
On the other hand, women are a bit more complex. Even if a woman
sees a handsome man, she will RARELY get sexually turned on. The first
thing that women experience when they SEE an attractive man is usually
more of a curiosity or intrigue... a wanting to know more.
If a man smiles at a woman, the woman usually interprets the smile as
“Hi, you look nice and friendly.”
If a woman smiles at a man, the man usually interprets the smile as
“I’m interested in sex.”
This one difference causes many first meetings to go the wrong way.
Here’s the deal: In general, it takes women longer to get in ‘The Mood’
for sex, and it happens differently than it does for men.
As I talk about sex and how to do it better, you need to keep this in
mind. Some of the things I’m going
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