Sanders M Troy - How To Get Chicks Keep Em Dump Em And Get Em Back Again

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How to Get Chicks, Keep Em, Dump Em,
& Get Em Back Again
A Reference Book for the Player on the Go

By Sanders M. Troy

Do you get shot down in bars?
Get blown off after only one date?

If you don’t get a pocketful of numbers every time you go out….
You need this book!

Warning: Hide this book!! If a chick finds this in your possession you
are sunk.

About The Author

Sanders Troy is has been picking up chicks for most of his
adult life. His success is due mainly to technique and

Table Of Contents
I. Introduction

II. Props

III. How To Meet Chicks

IV. Calling Her After You Get The Number

V. The First Date

V. How To Impress A Chick

VI. Sex Tips

VII. How To Dump Chicks

VIII. How To Get Em Back Again

IX. General Dating Tips

X. Is She A Freak?

I. Introduction
Introductions, preludes, prologues etc. are generally bullshit, so I’ll keep
this one short. Every dude should read this book, and I’m not just saying
that because then I’d be rich and famous and be able to meet my lifelong
goal of banging at least ten supermodels. Instead, what I mean is that
everyone should research anything in which they desire proficiency.

Would you take a new job without asking what is expected of you? Would
you place a bet with a bookie without trying to understand how his vig
worked? Would you try to drive a bulldozer without someone explaining
how those levers worked? If you said yes to any of these things then you
are a douchebag, and this book probably wouldn’t help you get any chicks
anyway. If, however, you said no; then you probably understand that there
are certain things in life that require a little research. Picking up chicks
requires a lot of research! It is not easy, but it sure as hell can be fun.

Read this book, get the required props, and then practice daily. The more
you practice the better you’ll get. Even if you never achieve greatness, you
will definitely double the amount of chicks you get…guaranteed.

II. Props

Before you start; every dude should own the following basics:
• $150 Shades. It’s important to look cool. Your kind shades will also
help you to stealthily scope out talent in outdoor settings.
• $100 Shoes. Chicks always check out your shoes first. …pony up.
• Cell Phone. Buy a small one you can fit in your pocket (no belt clips
allowed). The cell phone is key to getting numbers quickly and easily.
It also helps if you plan to juggle more than one woman (see section on
Juggling > 1) or are avoiding one you recently dumped.
• Caller ID. Fight fire with fire. All chicks have it, so cough up the $6
per is sooo worth it.
• A Cool Pad. Get rid of the futons, hide the foosball table, get a nice
bed, and buy lots of candles….guaranteed to get you more lovin.
• Booze At Your Pad. There is nothing worse than having a hot chick
ready to go home with you and you can’t say…”let’s go over to my
house…I have a really good bottle of wine.” Keep at least two bottles
of red wine and some tequila or vodka around for emergencies.

III. How To Meet Chicks
OK, now that you have the basic props, let’s take a look at how to score.
Pulling chicks is easy.

Where. I find it’s easiest to meet girls where alcohol is involved.
Therefore, bars and parties are best. The grocery store is for food shopping
and chat rooms are for degenerates; go to a bar and do some cold calling

How to Dress
Wear whatever is hip. I prefer to shop at trendy stores like GAP or
Abercrombie & Fitch, but wear something that is at least in style, especially
the shoes. A couple of other items are:
• Chest Hair. If you got it, show it. Some chicks say they don’t
like it, but they really do. Keep two buttons open at all times.
They’ll more often than not comment, and/or feel you up.
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