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Title: Publisher's Advertising (1872)
Author: Anonymous
Editor: Harper & Brothers
Release Date: August 17, 2007 [EBook #22351]
Language: English
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[Transcriber's Note:
This text was printed as a twelve-page addition to the James De Mille
novel An American Baron, published 1872. The "pointing finger"
symbol is shown here as -->.
Where available, the Project Gutenberg e-text number is given in
brackets after each title. Note that the e-text will probably not be based
on the listed edition (Harper & Brothers, no later than 1872).
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"THE LIBRARY OF SELECT NOVELS" has become an institution, a
reliable and unfailing recreative resource essential to the comfort of
countless readers. The most available entertainment of modern times is
fiction: from the cares of busy life, from the monotonous routine of a
special vocation, in the intervals of business and in hours of depression,
a good story, with faithful descriptions of nature, with true pictures of
life, with authentic characterization, lifts the mind out of the domain of
care, refreshes the feelings, and enlists the imagination. The Harpers'
"Library of Select Novels" is rapidly approaching its four hundredth
number, and it is safe to say that no series of books exists which
combines attractiveness and economy, local pictures and beguiling
narrative, to such an extent and in so convenient a shape. In
railway-cars and steamships, in boudoirs and studios, libraries and
chimney corners, on verandas and in private sanctums, the familiar
brown covers are to be seen. These books are enjoyed by all classes;
they appear of an average merit, and with a constant succession that is
marvelous; and in subject and style offer a remarkable variety. --Boston
1. Pelham. By Bulwer [7623] $0 75 2. The Disowned. By Bulwer

[7639] 75 3. Devereux. By Bulwer [7630] 50 4. Paul Clifford. By
Bulwer [7735] 50 5. Eugene Aram. By Bulwer [7614] 50 6. The Last
Days of Pompeii. By Bulwer [1565] 50 7. The Czarina. By Mrs.
Hofland 50 8. Rienzi. By Bulwer [1396] 75 9. Self-Devotion. By Miss
Campbell 50 10. The Nabob at Home 50 11. Ernest Maltravers. By
Bulwer [7649] 50 12. Alice; or, The Mysteries. By Bulwer [9774] 50
13. The Last of the Barons. By Bulwer [7727] 1 00 14. Forest Days. By
James 50 15. Adam Brown, the Merchant. By H. Smith 50 16. Pilgrims
of the Rhine. By Bulwer [8206] 25 17. The Home. By Miss Bremer
[20746] 50 18. The Lost Ship. By Captain Neale 75 19. The False Heir.
By James 50 20. The Neighbors. By Miss Bremer 50 21. Nina. By Miss
Bremer 50 22. The President's Daughters. By Miss Bremer 25 23. The
Banker's Wife. By Mrs. Gore 50 24. The Birthright. By Mrs. Gore 25
25. New Sketches of Every-day Life. By Miss Bremer 50 26. Arabella
Stuart. By James 50 27. The Grumbler. By Miss Pickering 50 28. The
Unloved One. By Mrs. Hofland 50 29. Jack of the Mill. By William
Howitt 25 30. The Heretic. By Lajetchnikoff 50 31. The Jew. By
Spindler 75 32. Arthur. By Sue 75 33. Chatsworth. By Ward 50 34. The
Prairie Bird. By C. A. Murray 1 00 35. Amy Herbert. By Miss Sewell
50 36. Rose d'Albret. By James 50 37. The Triumphs of Time. By Mrs.
Marsh 75 38. The H---- Family. By Miss Bremer 50 39. The
Grandfather. By Miss Pickering 50 40. Arrah Neil. By James 50 41.
The Jilt 50 42. Tales from the German 50 43. Arthur Arundel. By H.
Smith 50 44. Agincourt. By James 50 45. The Regent's Daughter 50 46.
The Maid of Honor 50 47. Safia. By De Beauvoir 50 48. Look to the
End. By Mrs. Ellis 50 49. The Improvisatore. By Andersen 50 50. The
Gambler's Wife. By Mrs. Grey 50 51. Veronica. By Zschokke 50 52.
Zoe. By Miss Jewsbury 50 53. Wyoming 50 54. De Rohan. By Sue 50
55. Self. By the Author of "Cecil" 75 56. The Smuggler. By James 75
57. The Breach of Promise
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