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All About Penis Enlargement:
All About Penis Enlargement
Easy to follow, illustrated penis enlargement techniquesl
Free an low-cost techniquesl
Clear, concise explanationsl
Welcome! If you're curious about penis enlargement, I think you'll find
this site one of the most valuable on the web. You don't need expensive
devices, elaborate rituals, extensive discussions and instructions. All
About Penis Enlargement gives you enough information to make
decisions and get started.
At age 42, I added over an inch to the length of my penis , both erect
and flaccid -- and gained girth (thickness), too! I simply hung weight\
over a period of three months. The gains are permanent.
Nice difference, eh? Yes, it's a faked photo. I have no photos of my penis.
For years I had been uncomfortable with my 'normal' (but small on
someone as tall as me) three-inch 'locker room' penis. I heard to a
motivational speaker ask, "What's the one thing you'd do if you didn't
know it was impossible?" I knew: I wanted a bigger dick. Getting it,
achieving the 'impossible,' was an empowering experience that increased
confidence in all areas of my life.
I wish you the same. I'm not saying a bigger penis should be important to
you. But if it is - as it was to me, then... careful, be sensible. And have fun! -- Tom Hubbard
General advice
How to do it
Use your hands
Hang light weights
Mechanical pulling
Other ideas
Penis anatomy
Measuring your
PC Exercises
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1/16/01: February 2001 Playboy magazine features quotes from this site in an article
on penis enlargement. Despite pretending to debunk the whole issue, they\
open with
reference to the fact that it works -- citing the Karamojong tribe in no\
Uganda, where boys come out of puberty with 18" penises (see 'Hang Ligh\
Weights' page for photo) they have to tie in knots,. Playboy quotes me \
extensively outlining basic techniques, and debunking pumping.
5/19/00: new rip-off site spotted. If they're stealing the exact words f\
rom this site to promote
the program, what do you suppose they're selling?
1/20/00: All About Penis Enlargement featured in the Boston Phoenix

All About Penis Enlargement; cheap techniques that work! (2 of 3) [8/21/20\
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Counter started 16:15 14 AUG 2001

All About Penis Enlargement; cheap techniques that work! (3 of 3) [8/21/20\
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General advice
Measure your dick. BEFORE you start!l
Choose a technique and stick with it. There's no way to predict
results...unless you give up or don't try, in which case you'll certainl\
get none!l
Record time spent each day, and what you did.l
Be patient. We're talking months. First noticeable changes may appear
in 10-14 days.l
Avoid pain. A little discomfort is normal. If it hurts, though, stop and
Work on your feelings and attitude. Confront your own fears, shame
and anxieties. I suggest writing everything down as you sort through
your memories and feelings::
When did you first think your penis was small? Why?
Who was with you? Did that person do or say something?m
Were you embarrassed?m
What if you could go back to that situation, with a bigger penis?m
Does anyone else care how big your penis is? Why?m
Have you ever felt your penis was perfect? What was the
Can you imagine your penis being perfect a few months from
What (or whose) do you want penis to look like, ideally? m
Work on positive self-esteem.
If you've got a bad attitude about your
penis, it doesn't matter what size it is. For some people, positive
self-esteem comes naturally. Others of us have to work on it. Try this:
Say to yourself: "I LIKE myself." Smile when you say it. Say it again!
And again! Tell yourself hundreds of times each day, with feeling: I
LIKE myself... I LIKE myself... I LIKE myself..."l
Talk to others. That's what forums are for!l
Make the best of what you've got...
Trim your pubic hair to make your penis look bigger.
Exercise! Reducing body fat makes your penis look longer.m
Don't pee before showering in the locker room. Your penis will
be larger.m
a quick tug or two can add "instant size" before undressing,m

General penis enlargement advice (1 o\
f 3) [8/21/2001 12:42:18 PM]

especially after you've been milking for a while. Of course, this
might not be cool if you end up with an erection in the locker
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