Ontario Teachers Manuals: Household Science in Rural Schools

Ministry of Education Ontario

Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Household?by Ministry of Education Ontario

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Title: Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Household Science in Rural Schools
Author: Ministry of Education Ontario
Release Date: February 10, 2007 [EBook #20557]
Language: English
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Copyright. Canada. 1918. by The Minister of Education for Ontario


Preface vii
Three Short Courses in Home-making 1 Introduction 1 A Library on Home Economics for the Rural School 2 Twenty Lessons in the Care of the Home 4 Suggestions to the Teacher 4 Equipment 5 Reference Books 6 Lesson I: Arrangement and Care of the Kitchen 7 Lesson II: Care of Cupboards and Utensils 10 Lesson III: Care of Foods 12 Lesson IV: Disposal of Waste 14 Lesson V: Making Soap 17 Lesson VI: Setting and Clearing the Table 18 Lesson VII: Waiting on Table 21 Lessons VIII and IX: General Cleaning of a Room 23 Lesson X: Care of the Bed-room 25 Lesson XI: Care of Lamps 27 Lesson XII: Prevention of Pests 29 Lesson XIII: Removing Stains, Bleaching Fabrics, and Setting Colours 32 Lesson XIV: Washing Dish-Towels, Aprons, etc. 34 Lesson XV: Ironing 35 Lessons XVI and XVII: Care of the Baby 36 Lesson XVIII: Cost of Food, Clothing, and House 39 Lesson XIX: How to Keep Accounts 39 Lesson XX: Care of the Exterior of the House 41 Reference Books 44
Twenty Lessons in Cooking 45 Suggestions to the Teacher 45 Abbreviations and Measurements 48 Table of Level Measurements 48 Comparisons Between Weights and Measures 48 Reference Books 49 Lesson I: Discussion of Foods and Cooking 50 Recipes 52 Lesson II: Preparing and Serving Vegetables 53 Recipes 55 Lesson III: The Value of Carbohydrates in the Diet 58 Recipes 59 Lesson IV: Fruits and Vegetables 60 Recipes--Open-kettle Method; Cold-pack Method; Single Process Method; Intermittent Method 63 Lesson V: Fats--Vegetables--Continued 66 Recipes 68 Experiments in Using Starch for Thickening 69 Conclusions Based on the Foregoing Experiments 69 Lesson VI: Cereals 70 Recipes 71 Lesson VII: Classification of Foods--Reviewed 73 Black-board Summary 76 Lesson VIII: The Planning and Serving of Meals 76 Examples of Well-chosen Menus 77 Lesson IX: Milk 79 Recipes 81 Lesson X: Soups 82 Recipes 83 Lesson XI: Eggs 85 Recipes 86 Lesson XII: Simple Desserts--Custards 88 Recipes 89 Lesson XIII: Batters and Doughs 90 Recipes 91 Lesson XIV: Batters and Doughs--Continued 92 Recipes 93 Lesson XV: Meats 94 Recipes 95 Lesson XVI: Baked Pork and Beans--Baking-powder Biscuits 98 Recipes 98 Lesson XVII: Butter Cakes--Plain Yellow Cake--Cocoa Coffee--Tea 99 Recipes 101 Lesson XVIII: Yeast Bread 103 Recipes 104 Lesson XIX: Serving a Simple Dinner Without Meat--Baked Omelet--Macaroni and Cheese 106 Recipes 106 Lesson XX: Sugar 107 Recipes 108
Twenty Lessons in Sewing 110 Suggestions to the Teacher 110 Reference Books 112 Lesson I: Preparation for Sewing 113 Lesson II: Hemming Towels 115 Lesson III: Hemming Towels--Continued 116 Lesson IV: Bags 119 Lesson V: Bags--Continued 120 Lesson VI: Bags--Continued 122 Lesson VII: Bags--Continued 123 Lesson VIII: Bags--Continued 124 Lesson IX: Darning Stockings 127 Lesson X: Patching 128 Lesson XI: Cutting Out Aprons or Undergarments 130 Lesson XII: Aprons or Undergarments--Continued 132 Lesson XIII: Aprons or Undergarments--Continued 134 Lesson XIV: Aprons or Undergarments--Continued 135 Lesson XV: Aprons or Undergarments--Continued 136 Lesson XVI: Aprons or Undergarments--Continued 137 Lesson XVII: Methods of Fastening Garments 138 Lesson XVIII: Methods of Fastening Garments--Continued 140 Lesson XIX: A Padded Holder for Handling Hot Dishes Binding 142 Lesson XX: A Cap to Wear with the Cooking Apron 144
Household Science Equipment 146 Household Science Cabinet Materials Required, Stock Bill, Tools, Directions for Making 161 Equipment for Rural School Household Science Cabinet--No. I 173 Equipment for Rural School Household Science Cabinet--No. II 174 The Hectograph 177
The Rural School Lunch 178 The Box Lunch 179 Contents of the Lunch Box 181 Sandwich Making 182 Suggestions for Sandwich Fillings 182 Suggestions for Planning 183 Suggestions for Desserts 184 Packing the Lunch Box 184 Rules for Packing 184 Equipment for Packing 185
Serving a Hot Dish 186 The Method 186 Suggested Menus 189 Suggestions for Hot Dishes for Four Weeks 189
Recipes Suitable for the Rural School Lunch 191 Useful Bulletins 200
Household Science Without School Equipment 201 First Method 201 Second Method 204
The Fireless Cooker 208 Directions for Fireless Cooker--No. I 210 The
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