Notes by the Way in A Sailors Life

Arthur E. Knights

The Project Gutenberg Etext of Notes by the Way in A Sailor's Life by
Arthur E. Knights
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Title: Notes by the Way in A Sailor's Life
Author: Arthur E. Knights

Release Date: November, 2003 [Etext #4673] [Yes, we are more than
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Edition: 10
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Notes by the Way in A Sailor's Life

By Captain Arthur E. Knights

In 1898 I was in Hongkong on a business affair which gave me much
leisure, when Murray Bain, editor of the China Mail, whom I had long

known, asked why I did not send him a letter occasionally. This led to
my venturing to give him "Some Notes by the Way in A Sailor's Life."
These Notes, I considered, could only be of interest locally. But some
of my friends have urged me to overcome my diffidence and put them
in pamphlet form, which I now do for distribution among my friends,
trusting that they will treat leniently the literary efforts of one who is a
sailor and not a cleric.

A Quick Passage A Record Long Passage A Voyage of Misfortune
Beginning of the German Navy An Incident in Hongkong Harbour A
Singular Meeting A Little Railway Experience A Good Record in
Life-Saving Presentation of a Telescope by the British Government
The Ship "Bombay" Is There a Fatality Attaching to Men or Inanimate
Things? Chinese Politeness A Brazilian Slaver Hard Times Memory
For Voices An Incident of the Great Taiping Rebellion Conclusion

A Quick Passage.

To the editor of the "China Mail."
Dear Sir: - I have just read with much pleasure the report of the quick
passage made by the sailing-ship "Muskoka" from Cardiff to this port
in ninety-two days. This is really a good trip and the captain and his
officers may be complimented on having done so well, for, as you
know, the ship is of large tonnage and the complement of men is small.
I congratulate the captain and his officers, and wish they may be as
successful in all their future voyages.
Mr. Editor, no doubt you remember the ship "Northfleet." I was second
officer of her, as you know, in the year 1857. In the spring of that year,
we loaded government stores, guns, mortars, and general war materials,
with two companies of Royal Artillery, for the war at Canton, in which
the French and the British were allies. We sailed from Woolwich on the
river Thames, and stopped at Gravesend twelve hours, then made our
final start for Hongkong, in which port we anchored in the wonderfully
short time of eighty-eight days from Woolwich, which is at least three

days' sail farther than Cardiff.
On the following voyage we did the same in eighty-eight days and a
half. These two
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