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Notes and Queries, Number 49, October 5, 1850

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Title: Notes and Queries, Number 49, Saturday, Oct. 5, 1850
Author: Various
Release Date: September 16, 2004 [EBook #13480]
Language: English
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"When found, make a note of."--CAPTAIN CUTTLE.
* * * * *
No. 49.] SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5, 1850 [Price Threepence. Stamped Edition 4d.
* * * * * {289}
NOTES:--Page Stray Notes on Cunningham's London. 289 Satirical Song upon Villiers Duke of Buckingham, by Dr. Rimbault. 291 Baker's Notes on Author of "Whole Duty of Man," by Rev. J.E.B. Mayor. 292 Mistake about George Wither, by Dr. Rimbault. 293 Useful _v._ Useless Learning. 293 Minor Notes:--Numerals--Junius and Sir P. Francis--Jews under the Commonwealth--"Is any thing but," &c.--Fastitocalon. 294
QUERIES:-- Bishop Cosin's Conference. 295 Engleman's "Bibliotheca Scriptorum Classicorum," by Professor De Morgan. 296 Minor Queries:--Portrait of Sir P. Sidney--Confession--Scotch Prisoners at Worcester--Adamson's Edward II.--Sir Thomas Moore--Dr. E. Cleaver--Gwyan's London--Coronet--Cinderella--Judas' Bell--Dozen of Bread--Kings Skuggsia--Coins of Gandophares--Satirical Medals. 296
REPLIES:-- Gaudentio di Lucca. 298 On a Passage in the Tempest, by J. Payne Collier. 299 Gray's Elegy. 300 Bishops and their Precedence. 301 Replies to Minor Queries:--Leicester and the reputed Poisoners of his Time--What is the correct Prefix of Mayors--Marks of Cadency. 302
MISCELLANEOUS:-- Notes on Books, Sales, Catalogues, &c. 303 Books and Odd Volumes Wanted. 303 Notices to Correspondents. 303 Advertisments. 304
* * * * *
The following notes are so trivial, that I should have scrupled to send them on any other ground than that so well-conceived and labouriously-executed a work should have its most minute and unimportant details as correct as possible. This, in such a work, can only be effected by each reader pointing out the circumstances that he has reason to believe are not quite correctly or completely given in it.
Page 24. _Astronomical Society._--The library has been recently augmented by the incorporation with it of the books and documents (as well as the members) of the Mathematical Society of London (Spitalfields). It contains the most complete collection of the English mathematical works of the last century known to exist. A friend, who has examined them with some care, specifies particularly some of the tracts published in the controversy raised by Bishop Berkeley respecting "the ghosts of departed quantities," of which he did before know the existence.
The instruments to which Mr. Cunningham refers as bequeathed to the Society, are not used there, nor yet allowed to lie unused. They are placed in the care of active practical observers, according as the special character of the instruments and the special subjects to which each observer more immediately devotes his attention, shall render the assignment of the instrument expedient. The instruments, however, still remain the property of the Society.
P. 37. _Bath House._--Date omitted.
P. 143.--Evan's Hotel, Covent Garden, is described as having been once the residence of "James West, the great collector of books, &c., and President of the Royal Society." There has certainly never been a President, or even a Secretary, of that name. However, it is just possible that there might have been a Vice-president so named (as these are chosen by the President from the members of the council, and the council has not always been composed of men of science): but even this is somewhat doubtful.
P. 143. _Covent Garden Theatre._--No future account of this theatre will be complete without the facts connected with the ill-starred Delafield; just as, into the Olympic, the history of the defaulter Watts, of the Globe Assurance Office, must also enter.
P. 143. near top of col. 2. "Heigho! says Kemble."--Before this period, a variation of the rigmarole upon which this is founded had become poplular, from the humour of Liston's singing at Sadler's Wells. I have a copy of the music and the words; altogether identical with those in the music. Of these, with other matters connected with the {290} amorous frog, I shall have something more to say hereafter. This notice is to be considered incidental, rather than as referring expressly to Mr. Cunningham's valuable book.
P. 153. _Deans Yard, Westminster._--Several of the annual budgets of abuse, obscenity, and impudent imposture, bearing on their title-pages various names, but written by "John Gadbury, Student in Physic and Astrology," were dated from "my house, Brick Court, Dean's Yard, Westminster;" or this slightly
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