Notes and Queries, Number 74, March 29, 1851

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and Queries, Number 74, March 29, 1851, by Various

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Title: Notes and Queries, Number 74, March 29, 1851 A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc.
Author: Various
Editor: George Bell
Release Date: November 1, 2007 [EBook #23282]
Language: English
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"When found, make a note of."--CAPTAIN CUTTLE.
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No. 74.] SATURDAY, MARCH 29. 1851. [Price Threepence. Stamped Edition 4d.
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NOTES:-- Page On Portraits of Distinguished Men, by Lord Braybrooke 233 Story of a Relic 234 Illustration of Chaucer, No. II: Complaint of Mars and Venus 235 Charles the First and Bartolomeo della Nave's Collection of Pictures, by Sir F. Madden 236 Minor Notes:--Nonsuch Palace--Ferrar and Benlowes-- Traditions from remote Periods through few Links-- Longevity--Emendation of a Passage in Virgil--Poems discovered among the Papers of Sir K. Digby-- Matter-of-Fact Epitaph 236
QUERIES:-- Ancient Danish Itinerary: Prol in Angliam, by R. J. King 238 Chiming, Tolling, and Peal-ringing of Bells, by Rev. A. Gatty 238 Mazer Wood: Gutta Percha, by W. Pinkerton 239 Minor Queries:--Paul Pitcher Night--Disinterment for Heresy--"Just Notions," &c.--Pursuits of Literature-- Satirical Medal--Matthew's Mediterranean Passage--Inscription on an Oak Board--Expressions in Milton--Saints' Days--Chepstow Castle--The Wilkes MSS. and "North Briton"--"O wearisome Condition of Humanity!"--Epitaph in Hall's "Discovery" 239
MINOR QUERIES ANSWERED:--Canon and Prebendary-- What Amount of Property constitutes an Esquire?-- Cromwell Family--Daughters of the Sixth Earl of Lennox--Wife of Joseph Nicholson--Six Abeiles-- Southey--Epigram against Burke--Knight's Hospitallers 242
REPLIES:-- Mesmerism, by Dr. Maitland 243 Lord Howard of Effingham 244 Iovanni Volpe, by William Hughes 244 Replies to Minor Queries:--Sir Andrew Chadwick-- Manuscript of Bede--Closing of Rooms on account of Death--Enigmatical Epitaph on Rev. J. Mawer-- Haybands in Seals--Notes on Newspapers--Duncan Campbell--Christmas-day--MS. Sermons by Jeremy Taylor--Dryden's Absolom and Achitophel--Rev. W. Adams--Duchess of Buckingham--"Go the whole Hog"--Lord Bexley's Descent from Cromwell-- Morse and Ireton Families--The Countess of Desmond-- Aristophanes on the Modern Stage--Denarius Philosophorum--On a Passage in the Tempest-- Meaning of Waste-book--Arthur's Seat and Salisbury Craigs--Meaning of "Harrisers" &c. 247
MISCELLANEOUS:-- Notes on Books, Sales, Catalogues, &c. 253 Books and Odd Volumes wanted 254 Notices to Correspondents 254 Advertisements 255
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In submitting to you the following brief observations, it is neither my wish nor intention to undervalue or disparage the labours of Horace Walpole, and Granger, and Pennant, and Lodge, and the numerous writers who have followed in their train, and to whom we are so much indebted for their notices of a great variety of original portraits of distinguished Englishmen, which still adorn the mansions of our aristocracy, and are found in the smaller collections throughout the realm. But I may be permitted to express my surprise and regret that in this age of inquiry no general catalogue of these national treasures should ever have been published. It is true that the portraits, as well as the other objects of attraction in our royal palaces, have been described in print with tolerable accuracy, and some good accounts are to be met with of the pictures at Woburn, and Blenheim, and Althorpe, and many of the residences of the nobility which can boast their local historian. We are, however, in most cases obliged to content ourselves with the meagre information afforded by county topography, or such works as the Beauties of England, Neale's Country Seats, and unsatisfactory guide-books.
No one, then, can doubt that such a compilation as I am advocating would prove a most welcome addition to our increasing stock of historical lore, and greatly assist the biographer in those researches upon which, from no sufficient materials being at hand, too much time is frequently expended without any adequate result. A catalogue would also tend to the preservation of ancient portraits, which, by being brought into notice, would acquire more importance in the estimation of the possessors; and in the event of any old houses falling into decay, the recorded fact of certain pictures having existed there, would cause them to be inquired after, and rescue them from destruction. Opportunities would likewise be afforded of correcting misnomers, and testing the authenticity of reputed likenesses of the same individual; further, the printed lists would survive after all the family traditions had been forgotten, and passed
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