Notes and Queries, Number 70, March 1, 1851

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and Queries, Number 70, March
1, 1851, by Various

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Title: Notes and Queries, Number 70, March 1, 1851 A Medium of
Inter-communication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries,
Genealogists, etc.
Author: Various
Editor: George Bell
Release Date: October 26, 2007 [EBook #23204]
Language: English
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"When found, make a note of."--CAPTAIN CUTTLE.
* * * * *
No. 70.] SATURDAY, MARCH 1. 1851. [Price Threepence. Stamped
Edition 4d.
* * * * *
NOTES:-- Page
A Word to the Literary Men of England, by K. R. H. Mackenzie 161
The Essay on Satire, by Bolton Corney 162
Macklin's Ordinary and School of Criticism, by Dr. E. F. Rimbault 163
"Love's Labour's Lost" 163
Notes on Newspapers, by H. M. Bealby 164
Mr. Gough's Translation of the History of the Bible 165
Minor Notes:--Origin of Harlequins--Monosyllables-- The Breeches, or
Geneva Bible--Etymology of Mushroom--Curious Fact in Natural
History--Hudibras in 1710--The Great Exhibition 165

The Ten Commandments, by Rev. A. Gatty 166
Minor Queries:--Was Hugh Peters ever on the Stage?-- English
Synonymes--Christmas Day--A Coggeshall Job--"Saffron Walden, God
help me"--T. Gilburt on Clandestine Marriages--Father Hehl, and
Cahagnet-- Roman Catholic Bishops in Ireland--Derivation of the
Word Fib--Thomas May, the Author of the Supplement to
Lucan--Bunting's Irish Melodies--Rudbeck, Campi Elysii--Prince of
Wales' Motto--Borrow's Danish Ballads--Head of the Saviour--Lines
on English History--The Sword Flamberg--Denarius
Philosophorum--"Sees Good in everything"--Oxford Friar's Voyage to
the North Pole--Roman Catholic Church--Cor Linguæ, &c. 166
Cardinal's Monument 169
Booty's Case 170
The Conquest, by C. H. Cooper 170
Descent of Henry IV., by J. B. Colman 171
Replies to Minor Queries:--Chauncy--Entwysel-- "Pretended" Reprint
of Ancient Poetry--Lights on the Altar--Cognation of the Jews and
Lacedæmonians-- Queen Mary's Lament--Tandem D. O. M. 171
Notes on Books, Sales, Catalogues, &c. 173
Books and Odd Volumes wanted 174
Notices to Correspondents 174
Advertisements 174

* * * * *
"Twenty scholars in seven years might retrieve the worst losses we
experience from the bigotry of popes and califs. I do not intend to assert
that every Herculanean manuscript might, within that period, be
unfolded; but the three first legible sentences might be; which is quite
sufficient to inform the intelligent reader whether a farther attempt on
the scroll would repay his trouble. There are fewer than thirty Greek
authors worth inquiring for; they exist, beyond doubt, and beyond
doubt they may, by attention, patience, and skill, be brought to light. *
* With a smaller sum than is annually expended on the appointment of
some silly and impertinent young envoy, we might restore all, or nearly
all those writers of immortal name, whose disappearance has been the
regret of genius for four entire centuries. In my opinion, a few thousand
pounds, laid out on such an undertaking, would be laid out as creditably
as on a Persian carpet or a Turkish tent."--Landor's Imaginary
Conversations--Southey and Porson--Works, vol. i. p. 20.
I call upon the literary men of England, upon the English government,
and upon the public, to set the example in a glorious expedition, which,
even in this age of wonders, is one of no little importance and
magnitude. I conjure them to bear in mind the words I have placed at
the head of this article,--the opinion of one of our best and most
delightful authors. This opinion Mr. Landor, veiled under the eidolon
of Porson, I feel assured, does not hold alone; I believe it to be
engraven on the "red-leaved tablets" of the hearts of many more learned
and more distinguished scholars than myself, who am but as the
trumpet which is to rouse the friends of classical literature to action; as
the bell which awakens the reaper to his abundant harvest: but I will
sustain, that on none of them is it cut more deeply or more
inextinguishably than on mine.
I propose that the friends of Classical, Scandinavian, and Oriental
literature form themselves into an Association for the Rescue of the

many ancient MSS. in the Greek, Latin, Anglo-Saxon, Norwegian,
Zend, Sanscrit, Hebrew, Abyssinian, Ethiopian, Hindostanee, Persian,
Syriac, Arabic, Armenian,
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