Notes and Queries, Number 52, October 26, 1850

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Notes and Queries, Number 52,
October 26,
by Various

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October 26,
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Title: Notes and Queries, Number 52, October 26, 1850 A Medium of
Inter-communication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries,
Genealogists, etc
Author: Various
Editor: George Bell
Release Date: September 16, 2007 [EBook #22624]
Language: English
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* * * * *
"When found, make a note of."--CAPTAIN CUTTLE.
* * * * *
No. 52.] SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1850. [Price Threepence.
Stamped Edition 4d.
* * * * *
Address to our Friends 353
Shakspeare's Use of the Words "Captious" and "Intenible," by S. W.
Singer 354
Oratories of the Nonjurors, by J. Yeowell 354
Hogarth's Illustrations of Hudibras 355
Folk Lore:--Overyssel Superstition--Death-bed Superstitions--Popular
Rhyme--Death-bed Mystery--Bradshaw Family 356

Advice to the Editor, and Hints to his Contributors 357
Minor Notes:--Rollin's Ancient History and History of the Arts and
Sciences--Jezebel--Clarendon, Oxford Edition of 1815--Macaulay's
Country Squire--Miching Mallecho 357
The Inquisition: The Bohemian Persecution 358
Minor Queries:--Osnaburg Bishopric--Meaning of "Farlief"--Margaret
Dyneley--Tristan d'Acunha--Production of Fire by Friction--Murderer
hanged when pardoned--Passage from Burke--Licensing of Books--Le
Bon Gendarme 358
Tasso translated by Fairfax 359
Ale-Draper--Eugene Aram 360
On the Word "Gradely," by B. H. Kennedy and G. J. Cayley 361
Collar of Esses 362
Replies to Minor Queries:--Symbols of the Evangelists--Becket's
Mother--Passage in Lucan--Combs buried with the Dead--The Norfolk
Dialect--Conflagration of the Earth--Wraxen 363
Notes on Books, Sales, Catalogues, &c. 366
Books and Odd Volumes Wanted 367
Notices to Correspondents 367
Advertisements 367

* * * * *
We this day publish our fifty-second Number. Every Saturday, for
twelve months, have we presented to our subscribers our weekly budget
of "NOTES," "QUERIES," and "REPLIES;" and in so doing, we trust,
we have accomplished some important ends. We have both amused and
instructed the general reader; we have stored up much curious
knowledge for the use of future writers; we have procured for scholars
now engaged in works of learning and research, many valuable pieces
of information which had evaded their own immediate pursuit; and,
lastly, in doing all this, we have powerfully helped forward the great
cause of literary truth.
In our Prospectus and opening address we made no great promise of
what our paper should be. That, we knew, must depend upon how far
the medium of intercommunication we had prepared should be
approved and adopted by those for whose special use it had been
projected. We laid down a literary railway: it remained to be seen
whether the world of letters would travel by it. They have done so: we
have been especially patronised by first-class passengers, and in such
numbers that we were obliged last week to run an extra train.
It is obvious that the use of a paper like "NOTES AND QUERIES"
bears a direct proportion to the extent of its circulation. What it aims at
doing is, to reach the learning which lies scattered not only throughout
every part of our own country, but all over the literary world, and to
bring it all to bear upon the pursuits of the scholar; to enable, in short,
men of letters all over the world to give a helping hand to one another.
To a certain extent, we have accomplished this end. Our last number
contains communications not only from all parts of the metropolis, and
from almost every county in England, but also from Scotland, Ireland,
Holland, and even from Demerara. This looks well. It seems as if we
were in a fair way to accomplish our design. But much yet remains to
be done. We have recently been told of whole districts in England so

benighted as never to have heard of "NOTES AND QUERIES;" and
after an interesting question has been discussed for weeks in our
columns, we are informed of some one who could have answered it
immediately if he had seen it. So long as this is the case the advantage
we may confer upon literature and literary men is necessarily imperfect.
We do what we can to make known our existence through the
customary modes
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