Notes and Queries, Number 201, September 3, 1853

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Notes and Queries, Number 201, September 3,?by Various

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Title: Notes and Queries, Number 201, September 3, 1853 A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc
Author: Various
Editor: George Bell
Release Date: October 13, 2007 [EBook #23023]
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"When found, make a note of."--CAPTAIN CUTTLE.
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No. 201.] SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 3. 1853. [Price Fourpence. Stamped Edition 5d.
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NOTES:-- Page "That Swinney" 213
Monumental Inscription in Peterborough Cathedral, by Thos. Wake 215
FOLK LORE:--Superstition of the Cornish Miners-- Northamptonshire Folk Lore 215
Shakspeare Correspondence 216
MINOR NOTES:--Lemon-juice administered in Gout and Rheumatism--Weather Proverbs--Dog Latin--Thomas Wright of Durham--A Funeral Custom 217
Littlecott--Sir John Popham, by Edward Foss 218
Early Edition of the New Testament, by A. Boardman 219
MINOR QUERIES:--Ravilliac--Emblem on a Chimney-piece-- "To know ourselves diseased," &c.--"P?tus and Arria"--Heraldic Query--Lord Chancellor Steele--"A Tub to the Whale"--Legitimation (Scotland)-- "Vaut mieux," &c.--Shakspeare First Folio-- The Staffordshire Knot--Sir Thomas Elyot-- "Celsior exsurgens pluviis," &c.--The Bargain Cup-- School-Libraries.--Queen Elizabeth and her "true" Looking-glass--Bishop Thomas Wilson-- Bishop Wilson's Works--Hobbes, Portrait of 219
MINOR QUERIES WITH ANSWERS:--Brasenose, Oxford-- G. Downing--Unkid--Pilgrim's Progress--John Frewen--Histories of Literature--"Mrs. Shaw's Tombstone" 221
Cranmer and Calvin, by the Rev. H. Walter 222
Barnacles, by Sir J. E. Tennent and T. J. Buckton 223
Dial Inscriptions, by Cuthbert Bede, B.A. 224
The "Saltpeter Maker" 225
Tsar, by T. J. Buckton, &c. 226
"Land of Green Ginger," by John Richardson and T. J. Buckton 227
PHOTOGRAPHIC CORRESPONDENCE:--Stereoscopic Angles-- Protonitrate of Iron--Photographs in natural Colours--Photographs by artificial Lights 227
REPLIES TO MINOR QUERIES:--Vandyke in America-- Title wanted: Choirochorographia--Second Growth of Grass--Snail-eating--Sotades--The Letter "h" in "humble"--Lord North--Singing Psalms and Politics--Dimidiation by Impalement--"Inter cuncta micans," &c.--Marriage Service--Widowed Wife--Pure--Mrs. Tighe--Satirical Medal--"They shot him dead at the Nine-Stone Rig"--Hendericus du Booys: Helena Leonore de Sievéri--House-marks, &c.--"Qui facit per alium, facit per se"-- Engin-à-verge--Campvere, Privileges of--Humbug: Ambages--"Going to Old Weston"--Reynolds's Nephew--The Laird of Brodie--Mulciber--Voiding Knife--Sir John Vanbrugh--Portrait of Charles I.-- Burial in an erect Posture--Strut-Stowers and Yeathers or Yadders--Arms of the See of York-- Leman Family--Position of Font 228
Notes on Books, &c. 234
Books and Odd Volumes wanted 234
Notices to Correspondents 234
Advertisements 235
* * * * *
Junius thus wrote to H. S. Woodfall in a private note, to which Dr. Good has affixed the date July 21st, 1769 (vol. i. p. 174.*)
"That Swinney is a wretched but dangerous fool. He had the impudence to go to Lord G. Sackville, whom he had never spoken to, and to ask him whether or no he was the author of Junius: take care of him."
This paragraph has given rise to a great deal of speculation, large inferences have been drawn from it, yet no one has satisfactorily answered the question, who was "that Swinney?"
That neither Dr. Good nor Mr. George Woodfall, the editors of the edit. of 1812, knew anything about him, is manifest from their own bald note of explanation, "A correspondent of the printers." Some reports say that he was a collector of news for the Public Advertiser, and subsequently a bookseller at Birmingham, but I never saw any one fact adduced tending to show that there was any person of that name so employed. Others that the Rev. Dr. Sidney Swinney was the party referred to: and Mr. Smith, in his excellent notes to the Grenville Papers, vol. iii. p. lxviii., assumes this to be the fact. I incline to agree with him, but have only inference to strengthen conjecture. What may be the value of that inference will appear in the progress of this inquiry, Who was Dr. Sidney Swinney?
Reports collected by Mr. Butler, Mr. Barker, Mr. Coventry, and others, say that the Doctor had been chaplain to the Russian Embassy, chaplain to the Embassy at Constantinople, and chaplain to one of the British regiments serving in Germany. Mr. Falconer, in his Secret Revealed, p. 22., quotes a paragraph from one of Wray's letters to Lord Hardwick with reference to the proceedings at the Royal Society:
"Dr. Swinney, your Lordship's friend, presented his father-in-law Howell's book."
Swinney's father-in-law, here called Howell, was John Zephaniah Holwell, a remarkable man, whose name is intimately associated with the early history
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