Notes and Queries, Number 185, May 14, 1853

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and Queries, Number 185, May 14, 1853, by Various

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Title: Notes and Queries, Number 185, May 14, 1853 A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc.
Author: Various
Editor: George Bell
Release Date: January 21, 2007 [EBook #20408]
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"When found, make a note of."--CAPTAIN CUTTLE.
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No. 185.] Saturday, May 14, 1853. [Price Fourpence. Stamped Edition 5d.
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NOTES:-- Page English Books of Emblems, by the Rev. Thomas Corser 469 Author of Tract on "Advantages of the East India Trade, 1720, 8vo.," by James Crossley 471 "Ake" and "Ache," by Thomas Keightley 472 Localities mentioned in Anglo-Saxon Charters, by B. Williams 473 Inedited Letter 473 A Shaksperian Book 474 MINOR NOTES:--Shakspeare's Monument--Archbishop Leighton and Pope: Curious Coincidence Of Thought and Expression--Grant of Slaves--Sealing-wax 475
QUERIES:-- Walmer Castle, by C. Waymor 475 Scotchmen in Poland, by Peter Cunningham 475 Bishop Juxon and Walton's Polyglott Bible 476 MINOR QUERIES:--Was Andrew Marvell poisoned?--Anonymous Pamphlet by Dr. Wallis--Mrs. Cobb's Diary--Compass Flower--Nuns of the Hotel Dieu-- Purlieu--Jennings Family--Latimer's Brothers-in- Law--Autobiographical Sketch--Schonbornerus--Symbol of Globe and Cross--Booth Family--Ennui--Bankruptcy Records--Golden Bees--The Grindstone Oak--Hogarth--Adamsons of Perth--Cursitor Barons of the Exchequer--Syriac Scriptures 476
REPLIES:-- Psalmanazar, by Rev. Dr. Maitland 479 Consecrated Roses, &c., by William J. Thoms 480 Campbell's Imitations 481 "The Hanover Rat" 481 Font Inscriptions 482 Irish Rhymes: English Provincialisms: Lowland Scotch 483 Pictures by Hogarth 484 PHOTOGRAPHIC CORRESPONDENCE:--Washing Collodion Process--Colouring Collodion Pictures--Wanted, a simple Test for a good Lens--Photographic Tent: Restoration of Faded Negatives 484 REPLIES TO MINOR QUERIES:--Gibbon's Library--Robert Drury--Grub Street Journal--Wives of Ecclesiastics--Blanco White--Captain Ayloff--General Monk and the University of Cambridge--The Ribston Pippin--Cross and Pile--Ellis Walker--Blackguard-- Talleyrand--Lord King and Sclater--"Beware the Cat"--"Bis dat qui cito dat"--High Spirits a Presage of Evil--Colonel Thomas Walcott--Wood of the Cross: Mistletoe--Irish Office for Prisoners--Andries de Gr?ff: Portraits at Brickwall House--"Qui facit per alium, facit per se"--Christian Names--Lamech's War-song--Traitor's Ford 485
MISCELLANEOUS:-- Notes on Books, &c. 489 Books and Odd Volumes wanted 490 Notices to Correspondents 490 Advertisements 490
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It is a remarkable circumstance that whilst the emblems of Alciatus Vent through almost innumerable editions, and were translated into most of the continental languages, no version of these Emblems should ever have been printed in this country, although we believe that MS. translations of them are in existence. It is remarkable also that more than half century should have elapsed after their appearance, before any English publication on this subject should have been committed to the press. Our English authors of Books of Emblems were not only late in their appearance, but are few in number, and in their embellishments not very original, the plates being for the most part mere copies of those already published abroad by Herman Hugo, Rollenhagius, and others. The notices of the English writers on this entertaining subject are also but meagre and imperfect, and restricted to a very few works; both Dibdin, in his slight and rapid sketch on Books of Emblems in the Bibliogr. Decam., vol. i. p. 254., and the writer in the Retrosp. Rev., vol. ix. p. 123., having confined their remarks to some one or two of the leading writers only, Arwaker, Peacham, Quarles, Whitney, and Wither. With the exception of an occasional article in the Bibl. Ang. Poet., Cens. Liter. Restituta, and similar bibliographical volumes, we are not aware that any other notice has been taken of this particular branch of our literature[1], nor does there exist, {470} that we know of, any complete, separate, and distinct catalogue of such works.
Being anxious, therefore, to obtain a correct account of what may be termed the English Series of Books of Emblems, I inclose a list of all those in my own possession, and of the titles of such others as I have been able to collect; and I shall be glad if any of your readers can make any additions to the series, confining them at the same time strictly to Books of Emblems, and not admitting fables, heraldic works, or older publications not coming within the same category. A good comprehensive work on this subject of Books of Emblems, not confined merely to the English series, but
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