Notes and Queries, Number 180, April 9, 1853

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and Queries, Number 180, April
9, 1853, by Various

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Title: Notes and Queries, Number 180, April 9, 1853 A Medium of
Inter-communication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries,
Geneologists, etc
Author: Various
Editor: George Bell
Release Date: April 27, 2007 [EBook #21220]
Language: English
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Produced by Charlene Taylor, Jonathan Ingram, Pat A Benoy and the
Online Distributed Proofreading Team at (This
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No. 180.] SATURDAY, APRIL, 9. 1853. [Price Fourpence. Stamped
Edition, 5d.
* * * * *
NOTES:-- Page Rigby Correspondence 349 Isthmus of Darien 351
Notes on several misunderstood Words 352
FOLK LORE:--Drills presaging Death--Beltane in
Devonshire--Touching for King's Evil 353 Gaffer or Gammer, &c., by
Thos. Keightley 354
MINOR NOTES:--Search for MSS.--Clifton of Normanton --The
Three per Cent. Consols 354
QUERIES:-- Wolves nursing Children, by Gilbert N. Smith 355 "The

Luneburg Table"--Queen Elizabeth's Love of Pearls 355
MINOR QUERIES:--St. Dominic--"Will" and "shall" --Sir John
Fleming--Deal, how to stain--Irish Characters on the Stage--Arms on
King Robert Bruce's Coffin-plate--Chaucer's Prophetic View of the
Crystal Palace--Magistrates wearing their Hats in Court--Derby
Municipal Seal--Sir Josias Bodley-- Sir Edwin Sadler--The Cross given
by Richard I. to the Patriarch of Antioch--Lister Family--Family of
Abrahall, Eborall, or Ebrall--Eulenspiegel: Murner's Visit to
England--Aged 116--Annuellarius 356
MINOR QUERIES WITH ANSWERS:--Boyer's "Great Theatre of
Honour and Nobility"--List of Bishops of Norwich--"A Letter to a
Convocation Man"-- Nicholas Thane--Churchwardens, Qualification
of-- Sir John Powell--S. N.'s "Antidote," &c.--Beads 358
REPLIES:-- Broad Arrow 360 English Comedians in the Netherlands
360 The Sweet Singers 361 Edmund Spenser 362 Lamech killing Cain,
by Francis Crossley, &c. 362
Notes--On some Difficulties in Photographic Practice --Mr. Weld
Taylor's cheap Iodizing Process 363
REPLIES TO MINOR QUERIES:--Somersetshire Ballad-- Family of
De Thurnham--Major. General Lambert-- Loggerheads--Grafts and the
Parent Tree--The Lisle Family--The Dodo in Ceylon--Thomas Watson,
Bishop of St. David's, 1687 to 1699--Etymology of Fuss
--Palindromical Lines--Nugget--Hibernis ipsis Hiberniores --The
Passame Sares (mel. Passamezzo) Galliard--Swedish Words current in
England--Gotch --Passage in Thomson: "Steaming"--The Word
"Party"--Curious Fact in Natural Philosophy--Lowbell --Life and
Correspondence of S. T. Coleridge-- Coniger, &c.--Cupid
Crying--Westminster Assembly of Divines, &c. 364
MISCELLANEOUS:-- Notes on Books, &c. 369 Books and Odd
volumes wanted 370 Notices to Correspondents 370 Advertisements

* * * * *
[We are enabled, by the kindness of their possessor, to lay before our
readers copies of the following characteristic letters from the
well-known Richard Rigby, Esq., who was for so many years the leader
of the Bedford party in the House of Commons. They were addressed
to Robert Fitzgerald, Esq., a member of the House of Commons in
Ireland, and Judge of the Court of Admiralty in that country.]
Mr. Rigby to Mr. R. Fitzgerald.
Woburn Abbey, Wednesday, 11th Dec., 1765.
Dear little Bob,
I am impatient to know if you had resolution enough to attend his
Excellency last Sunday, as I advised, and if you had, what was the
result of the audience....
I arrived here last night, and find the Duke and Duchess, Marquis and
Marchioness, all in perfect health. With my love to the Provost[1], tell
him the chancellorship answers the intention to the utmost of his desire:
we are wonderfully pleased with it. Tell him also that I do not find the
defalcation amongst our friends to be as was represented in Dublin.
Stanley is not, but has refused to be, ambassador to Berlin; Lord North
is not, but has refused to be, vice-treasurer. The parliament meets on
Tuesday: the ministers of the House of Commons, who are to be
rechose, can get nobody who is in Parliament to read the king's speech
for them at the Cockpit the night before. They, I believe, are in a
damned dilemma: how much that makes for us time must show. Cooper
is bribed to be
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