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Title: Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Proceedings at the Forty-Second Annual Meeting Urbana, Illinois, August 28, 29 and 30, 1951
Author: Northern Nut Growers Association
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+------------------------------------------------------------------------+ |DISCLAIMER | | | |The articles published in the Annual Reports of the Northern Nut Growers| |Association are the findings and thoughts solely of the authors and are | |not to be construed as an endorsement by the Northern Nut Growers | |Association, its board of directors, or its members. No endorsement is | |intended for products mentioned, nor is criticism meant for products not| |mentioned. The laws and recommendations for pesticide application may | |have changed since the articles were written. It is always the pesticide| |applicator's responsibility, by law, to read and follow all current | |label directions for the specific pesticide being used. The discussion | |of specific nut tree cultivars and of specific techniques to grow nut | |trees that might have been successful in one area and at a particular | |time is not a guarantee that similar results will occur elsewhere. | | | +------------------------------------------------------------------------+

Northern Nut Growers

42nd Annual Report

Annual Meeting at
August 28, 29 and 30, 1951
* * * * *
[Illustration: Jacobs Persian Walnut Genoa, Ohio (see pages 86-87)]
The above picture shows a view made last winter of the original Jacobs Persian walnut in Elmore, Ohio. Member Malcolm R. Bumler of Detroit stands under the tree. The picture was made by Mr. W. G. Schmidt and the engraving is by courtesy of Gilbert Becker, our Michigan vice president and president of the Michigan Nut Growers Association.
The Jacobs variety, a second generation seedling of a German walnut, was brought to the attention of the NNGA by Sylvester Shessler, Genoa, Ohio, who has been regularly taking prizes with it and another seedling he found growing at Clay Center. The Jacobs was fourth in the 1950-51 NNGA contest, having a good nut with 47.1% kernel. The tree, now over seventy years old, bears regularly, having 200 pounds of nuts in one recent year. Several members in Ohio, Michigan, and other states are propagating the Jacobs, and it appears to be one of the most promising non-Carpathian Persian varieties for the Midwest.--J. C. McDaniel
* * * * *
Table of Contents
Foreword 4
Officers and Committees, 1951-52 5
State and Foreign Vice-Presidents 6
Attendance at the 1951 Meeting 7
Constitution 9
By-Laws 9
Proceedings of the Forty-Second Annual Meeting. Starting on 13
Talk by George Hebden Corsan 13
Address of Welcome--C. J. Birkeland 14
Response--H. L. Crane 14
President's Address--William M. Rohrbacher 15
Control of Spittle Bugs on Nut Trees--S. C. Chandler 18
Preliminary Results from Training Chinese Chestnut Trees to Different Heights of Head--J. W. McKay and H. L. Crane 22
The Filbert and Persian Walnut in Indiana--W. B. Ward 29
Nut Growing in Eastern Iowa--Ira M. Kyhl 31
Secretary's Report--J. C. McDaniel 34
Discussion and Resolution on Securing New Members 35
Treasurer's Report--Sterling A. Smith 37
Reports of Committees 38
Announcement of Tour--R. B. Best 39
Status of the Northern Pecan--W. W. Magill, leading discussion 39
Pecans in Northern Virginia--J. Russell Smith 45
Pecans in the Vicinity of St. Paul, Minnesota--Carl Weschcke 47
Preliminary Report on Growth, Flowering, and Magnesium Deficiency of Reed and Potomac Filbert Varieties--H. L. Crane and J. W. McKay 50
Bunch Disease of Black Walnut--J. W. McKay and H. L. Crane 56 (Above paper given at the 41st Annual Meeting. See discussion on page 80 of 1950 Report.)
A Forester Looks at the Timber Value of Nut Trees--C. S. Walters 62
Symposium on Nut Tree Propagation--F. L. O'Rourke, leader 68
Factors Affecting Nut Tree Propagation--F. L. O'Rourke 78
Nut Rootstock Material in Western Michigan--H. P. Burgart 82
Hudson Valley Experience with Nut Tree Understocks--Gilbert L. Smith 83
Results of 1950 Carpathian Walnut Contest--Spencer B. Chase 86
Colby, a Hardy Persian Walnut for the Central States--J. C. McDaniel 87
Resolutions 90
List of Members of Northern Nut Growers Association 91
* * * * *
This volume is going to press somewhat later than was anticipated, and in order to expedite its publication, a few papers which were contributed in 1951 are being held over for the 1952 Report. Two of these will incorporate new data to be presented at the 1952 meeting, Mr. E. A. Curl's discussion on the status of the oak wilt disease and Mr.
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