Mardi: and A Voyage Thither, Vol. II

Herman Melville
Mardi: and A Voyage Thither, Vol. II

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Mardi: and A Voyage Thither, Vol. II (of 2)
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Title: Mardi: and A Voyage Thither, Vol. II (of 2)
Author: Herman Melville
Release Date: October 12, 2004 [EBook #13721]
Language: English
Character set encoding: ASCII

Produced by Geoff Palmer




. Maramma 2. They land 3. They pass through the Woods 4. Hivohitee MDCCCXLVII 5. They visit the great Morai 6. They discourse of the Gods of Mardi, and Braid-Beard tells of one Foni 7. They visit the Lake of Yammo 8. They meet the Pilgrims at the Temple of Oro 9. They discourse of Alma 10. Mohi tells of one Ravoo, and they land to visit Hevaneva, a flourishing Artisan 11. A Nursery-tale of Babbalanja's 12. Landing to visit Hivohitee the Pontiff; they encounter an extraordinary old Hermit; with whom Yoomy has a confidential Interview, but learns little 13. Babbalanja endeavors to explain the Mystery 14. Taji receives Tidings and Omens 15. Dreams 16. Media and Babbalanja discourse 17. They regale themselves with their Pipes 18. They visit an extraordinary old Antiquary 19. They go down into the Catacombs 20. Babbalanja quotes from an antique Pagan; and earnestly presses it upon the Company, that what he recites is not his but another's 21. They visit a wealthy old Pauper 22. Yoomy sings some odd Verses, and Babbalanja quotes from the old Authors right and left 23. What manner of Men the Tapparians were 24. Their adventures upon landing at Pimminee 25. A, I, and O 26. A Reception-day at Pimminee 27. Babbalanja falleth upon Pimminee Tooth and Nail 28. Babbalanja regales the Company with some Sandwiches 29. They still remain upon the Rock 30. Behind and Before 31. Babbalanja discourses in the Dark 32. My Lord Media summons Mohi to the Stand 33. Wherein Babbalanja and Yoomy embrace 34. Of the Isle of Diranda 35. They visit the Lords Piko and Hello 36. They attend the Games 37. Taji still hunted and beckoned 38. They embark from Diranda 39. Wherein Babbalanja discourses of himself 40. Of the Sorcerers in the Isle of Minda 41. Chiefly of King Bello 42. Dominora and Vivenza 43. They land at Dominora 44. Through Dominora, they wander after Yillah 45. They behold King Bello's State Canoe 46. Wherein Babbalanja bows thrice 47. Babbalanja philosophizes, and my Lord Media passes round the Calabashes 48. They sail round an Island without landing; and talk round a Subject without getting at it 49. They draw nigh to Porpheero; where they behold a terrific Eruption 50. Wherein King Media celebrates the Glories of Autumn; the Minstrel, the Promise of Spring 51. In which Azzageddi seems to use Babbalanja for a Mouthpiece 52. The charming Yoomy sings 53. They draw nigh unto Land 54. They visit the great central Temple of Vivenza 55. Wherein Babbalanja comments upon the Speech of Alanno 56. A Scene in the Land of Warwicks, or King-makers 57. They hearken unto a Voice from the Gods 58. They visit the extreme South of Vivenza 59. They converse of the Molluscs, Kings, Toad-stools, and other Matters 60. Wherein, that gallant Gentleman and Demi-god, King Media, Scepter in Hand throws himself into the Breach 61. They round the stormy Cape of Capes 62. They encounter Gold-hunters 63. They seek through the Isles of Palms; and pass the Isles of Myrrh 64. Concentric, inward, with Mardi's Reef, they leave their Wake around the World 65. Sailing on 66. A Sight of Nightingales from Yoomy's Mouth 67. They visit one Doxodox 68. King Media dreams 69. After a long Interval, by Night they are becalmed 70. They land at Hooloomooloo 71. A Book from the "Ponderings of old Bardianna" 72. Babbalanja starts to his Feet 73. At last, the last Mention is made of old Bardianna; and His last Will and Testament is recited at Length 74. A Death-cloud sweeps by them as they sail 75. They visit the palmy King Abrazza 76. Same pleasant, shady Talk in the Groves, between my Lords Abrazza and Media, Babbalanja, Mohi, and Yoomy... 77. They sup 78. They embark 79. Babbalanja at the Full of the Moon 80. Morning 81. L'Ultima sera 82. They sail from Night to Day 83. They land 84. Babbalanja relates to them a Vision 85. They depart from Serena 86. They meet the Phantoms 87. They draw nigh to Flozella 88. They land
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