Malignant Self Love

Shmuel Vaknin
Malignant Self Love

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Title: Malignant Self Love
Author: Sam Vaknin
Release Date: November, 2003 [EBook #4663] [This file was first posted on July 2, 2003]
Edition: 11
Language: English
Character set encoding: US-ASCII

Copyright (C) 2003 by Lidija Rangelovska.

Self Love
Narcissism Revisited
3rd Revised Printing
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D.
The Author is NOT a Mental Health Professional.
The Author is certified in Counselling Techniques.
Editing and Design:
Lidija Rangelovska
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Prague & Skopje 2003
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ISBN: 9989-929-06-8
Print ISBN: 80-238-3384-7
Created by:
Lidija Rangelovska, Skopje

Introduction - The Habitual Identity
The Narcissistic Personality Disorder
A Primer on Narcissism
Chapter I
: The Soul of a Narcissist
Chapter II
: Being Special
Chapter III
: Uniqueness and Intimacy
Chapter IV
: The Workings of a Narcissist
Chapter V
: The Tortured Self
Chapter VI
: The Emotional Involvement Preventive Measures
Frequently Asked Questions
Narcissism - The Disorder
FAQ # 1: An Overview of the Narcissist
FAQ # 2: Pathological Narcissism - A Dysfunction or a Blessing?
FAQ # 3: The Energy of Self
FAQ # 4: Self-Love and Narcissism
FAQ # 5: Self-Defeating and Self-Destructive Behaviours
FAQ # 6: Ideas of Reference
FAQ # 7: Grandiose Fantasies
FAQ # 8: Grandiosity Hangover and Narcissist Baiting
FAQ # 9: Depression and the Narcissist
FAQ # 10: Narcissistic Rage
(Anger as a Source of Personality Disorder)
FAQ # 11: Gender and the Narcissist
FAQ # 12: Homosexual Narcissist
FAQ # 13: Addiction to Fame and Celebrity
FAQ # 14: Conspicuous Existence
FAQ # 15: The Narcissist's Reaction to Deficient Narcissistic Supply
FAQ # 16: The Delusional Way Out
FAQ # 17: The Compulsive Acts of the Narcissist
FAQ # 18: Narcissistic Routines
FAQ # 19: The Unstable Narcissist
FAQ # 20: Do Narcissists Have Emotions?
FAQ # 21: The Inappropriate Affect
FAQ # 22: The Cynical Narcissist
FAQ # 23: The Narcissist as a Sadist
FAQ # 24: Other People's Pain
FAQ # 25: Multiple Grandiosity
FAQ # 26: False Modesty
FAQ # 27: Warped Reality and Retroactive Emotional Content
FAQ # 28: Narcissistic Signal, Stimulus and Hibernation Mini-Cycles
FAQ # 29: The Narcissistic Pendulum and the Pathological Narcissistic Space
FAQ # 30: The Inanimate as a Source of Narcissistic Supply
(Narcissistic Branding and Narcissistic Contagion)
FAQ # 31: The Dual Role of the False Self
FAQ # 32: The Stripped Ego
FAQ # 33: The Split-off Ego
FAQ # 34: The Serious Narcissist
FAQ # 35: Narcissists, Disagreements and Criticism
FAQ # 36: Transformations of Aggression
FAQ # 37: Narcissistic Humiliation
FAQ # 38: The Midlife Narcissist
FAQ # 39: To Age with Grace
FAQ # 40: The Narcissist and Introspection
FAQ # 41: The Losses of the Narcissist
FAQ # 42: Getting Better
FAQ # 43: Can a Narcissist Help Himself?
FAQ # 44: Reconditioning the Narcissist
FAQ # 45: Treatment Modalities and Therapies
FAQ # 46: Narcissistic Mirroring
FAQ # 47: The Development of the Narcissist
FAQ # 48: The Narcissist's Mother
FAQ # 49: The Inverted Narcissist
FAQ # 50: Narcissists, Inverted Narcissists and Schizoids
FAQ # 51: Narcissists and Chemical Imbalances
FAQ # 52: Myths about Narcissism
FAQ # 53: The Selfish Gene
(The Genetic Underpinnings of Narcissism)
FAQ # 54: Narcissism - The Psychopathological Default
FAQ # 55: Narcissism with Other Mental Health Disorders
(Co-Morbidity and Dual Diagnosis)
FAQ # 56: Eating Disorders and the Narcissist
FAQ # 57: Can the Narcissist Have a Meaningful Life?
FAQ # 58: A Case Study
FAQ # 59: The Narcissist's Reactions to This Text
Narcissism and Society
FAQ # 60: A Dream Interpreted
FAQ # 61: How to Recognise a Narcissist?
FAQ # 62: Interacting with a Narcissist
FAQ # 63: The Weapon of Language
FAQ # 64: Exploitation by a Narcissist
FAQ # 65: The Narcissist's
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