Madonna - The Sex Book

Not Available
The best way to seduce someone is by
making yourself unavailable. You just have to be
busy all the time and they'll be craving to see you.
Then you don't fuck them for the first five dates.
Let them get closer and closer but definitely don't
fuck them. Be disinterested Not too disinterested,
they'll think they're barking up the wrong tree. But
it's always good to play hard to get. Good perfume
is really important too.
Everyone is a sucker for garter belts. You wear a
dress and stockings and garter belts. You don't let
him have you, but at some point you have to
make him see that you have a garter belt on. No
underpants is also a big turn-on. Sucking on your
finger every once in a while doesn't hurt, like in
the middle of dinner. Telling jokes is good. And on
every date you have to say one really disarming
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