Lists of Stories and Programs for Story Hours

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Lists of Stories and Programs for
Story Hours

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Title: Lists of Stories and Programs for Story Hours
Author: Various
Editor: Effie L. Power
Release Date: December 2, 2005 [EBook #17202]
Language: English
Character set encoding: ISO-8859-1

Produced by Suzanne Shell, Sankar Viswanathan, and the Online
Distributed Proofreading Team at

Lists of Stories and Programs for Story Hours
Compiled by
The Staff of The Children's Department St. Louis Public Library
and edited by
Revised Edition

This story-hour material was first published in the Monthly Bulletin of
the St. Louis Public Library in 1914 and was later reprinted in
pamphlet form. It has been slightly revised for the present edition but
the form and viewpoint has not been changed and most of the notes
remain as originally written for the St. Louis Public Library Staff.
The editor has made no attempt to compile a complete handbook on
story-telling but has merely brought together in uniform printed form,
story lists and programs for story hours as they have been used to meet
the needs in the various divisions of the Children's Department of the St.
Louis Public Library. No claim is made to originality, but the editor
assumes all responsibility for the form and standard of the lists as here
The aim has been to keep the lists brief and to give short, practical
outlines which may be extended.
Since library story-telling is directed primarily toward inspirational
reading, the selections listed are chiefly from literary sources. A wealth
of material in the form of biography and history has not been included,

because books in those classes have been fully indexed by subject in
the library catalogues. For example: a list of Christmas stories has been
included among the lists for special days, but none has been given for
Washington's Birthday or Independence Day. There is, however, a list
of patriotic and historical narrative poems.
Further explanations will be found in the short paragraphs preceding
each list, and in the index to titles of stories.
EFFIE L. POWER, Director of Work with Children.
Cleveland Public Library, February 12, 1921.

Stories for little children Stories for children three and four years old
Stories for children five and six years old Suggestions for story hours
for little children
Stories for special days; chiefly for little children Christmas stories
Easter stories Thanksgiving stories Arbor Day stories Hallowe'en
Stories for older children Greek cycle stories Norse cycle stories King
Arthur tales Charlemagne and Roland legends Chivalry tales Stories
from Chaucer Stories from the Faerie Queene Irish hero tales Stories
from Shakespeare Stories from the Old Testament Stories from the
New Testament Robin Hood stories Ballad stories
For reading aloud Narrative poems Prose selections and stories
Books about story telling
Index to titles

Books referred to in the foregoing lists

The arrangement is in the order of degree of difficulty. Where the title
would naturally appear in the library catalogue, the author's name only
is given. Where a title appears in several lists, the source is given only
in one, which is indicated by giving the page number in bold face type
preceding title in the index at the end of this pamphlet.
Many of the stories listed may be found in simplified form in the
primers and readers on the little children's shelves.
Rhymes from Mother Goose.
A was an apple pie. A was an archer who shot at a frog. This is the
house that Jack built. Three little kittens lost their mittens. Old Mother
Hubbard. Sing a song of sixpence. The Queen of Hearts. I saw a ship
a-sailing. Tom he was a piper's son. London Bridge is broken down.
Cock Robin and Jenny Wren. Who killed Cock Robin?
_Best versions of Mother Goose:_ Lang. Nursery rhyme book. Norton.
Heart of oak books, v. I. Book of nursery rhymes; Welsh. Mother
Goose's melodies. Wheeler. See also the Caldecott picture books.
The old woman and her pig.
_Best versions:_ Jacobs. English fairy tales. Lang. Nursery rhyme
_Other versions:_ Bailey and Lewis. For the children's hour. Bryant.
How to tell stories. Lansing. Rhymes and stories. Norton. Heart of oak
books, v. I. O'Shea. Six nursery classics. Scudder. Book of folk stories.
Wiggin and Smith.
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