Games for Everybody

May C. Hofmann

Games for Everybody

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Title: Games for Everybody
Author: May C. Hofmann
Release Date: July, 2005 [EBook #8439] [Yes, we are more than one year ahead of schedule] [This file was first posted on July 10, 2003]
Edition: 10
Language: English
Character set encoding: ISO-Latin-1

Produced by Kevin Handy, Dave Maddock, and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team.


Every one is fond of having a good time when invited out to a party or social. Sometimes a stupid evening has been spent because either the guests were not congenial or the hostess had not planned good games. The purpose of this book is to furnish just what is needed for a pleasant home gathering, church social, or any other indoor occasion.
Very few, if any, of these games require much preparation. Just use what is in the house, follow the directions given, and a good time will be the result. Some of the games for "Adults" can be played by the younger ones, and vice versa. Other games, by being changed a little by the hostess, can be made to suit the occasion.
Many of the good old games that every one has played are here, while the newer ones, which may be strange at first, will prove most enjoyable when every one has "caught on," as the saying is. M.C.H.

Animal Show. Chase The Rabbit. Soap-bubble Contest. Rose Guess. New Blind Man's Buff. Finding Flowers. Bean-bag Contest. Blowing The Feathers. School. Hide The Thimble. Fan Ball. Spool Flower Hunt. Marble Contest. Passing By. The Serpent's Tail. Little Bo-peep. Spool Armies. Spinning For 20. Shoe Hunt. Hop-over. Bouquet. Making Squares. Simple Simon's Silly Smile. Tea-pot. Blind Man's Buff. Cat And Mouse. Musical Chairs. Button, Button. Statues. Our Cook Doesn't Like Peas. Hold Fast, Let Go. Simon Says. Old Soldier. Hide And Seek. Hang-man. Bird, Beast, Or Fish. Peter Piper. Look Out For The Bear! Hoop Race. Button Fun. Steps. He Can Do Little. Wink. Double Tag. Puss In The Corner. I Have A Basket. Still Pond, No More Moving. Ring On A String. Hunt The Slipper. What Is My Thought Like? Oranges And Lemons. Red-hot Potato. Judge And Jury. Reuben And Rachel. Frog In The Middle. Horsemen. My House, Your House. Malaga Grapes.
Spoon Pictures. Boots, Without Shoes. Proverbs. Animal, Vegetable, Or Mineral. What Time Is It? It. How, When, Where. Buz. Jenkins Up! State Outlines. Prefixes. My Father Had A Rooster! Cross Questions And Crooked Answers. Magic Writing. Famous Numbers. Magic Answers. Modelling. Scissors Crossed Or Uncrossed. Capping Verses. Rabbit. Ghost. What Am I? Needle Threading. Confusions. Verbal Authors. Pin Doll Babies. Building Sentences. Geography. What Would You Do If--? Watch Trick. Find Your Better-half. Words Letters. Seeing And Remembering. Live Tit-tat-to. Bits Of Advice. Pictures. Household Gossip. Table Football. Musical Medley. Another Musical Medley. Passing Clothespins. Pantomime. Birds Fly. Trips Around The World. Jack's Alive. Going A-fishing. Consequences. Personal Conundrums. Hunting The Whistle. The Five Senses. Wiggles. Telegram. Spelling Match. Poor Pussy. Guesses. Nut Race. Torn Flowers. Spearing Peanuts. Peanut Hunt And Scramble. Musical Illustrations. An Apple Hunt. Shouting Proverbs. Baker's Dozen. Peanut Contest. Definitions. Alphabetical Answers. Pitch Basket. Who Am I? Progressive Puzzles. Tit For Tat. Eye-guessing. The Prince Of Wales. Commerce. Laugh A Little. Location. Fashion Notes. Stray Syllables. Quaker Meeting. Magic Music. Patchwork Illustrations. Biography. Orchestra. Who Is My Next-door Neighbor? Fire. The Months. Bell Buff. Postman. Spooney Fun. Cities. Going To China. A Penny For Your Thoughts. Misquoted Quotations. Literary Salad. Broken Quotations. Parcel Delivery. Who Are They? Swaps. Talking Shop. Sight Unseen. A Study In Zoology. Auction Sale The Genteel Lady. Rhymes. Art Gallery. Hunting For Book-titles.
Jack Frost. Magic Candles. The Lucky Or Unlucky Slipper. Cakes. Valentines. Initial Compliments. Heart Hunt. Heart Pricks. Valentine Puzzle. Hearts And Mittens. Riven Hearts. Proposals. Washington's Birthday. April First. Easter Egg Race. Suspended Eggs. Egg Race. Rolling Eggs.
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