Flirting In The 21st Century

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Now we are in the Noughties or "Naughties"
more single people are worried about

nineties racing to achieve career success.
Now they are asking themselves Ôis this
worth anything without someone to share it
with?Õ The answer is often ÔnoÕ.

interacting with people. And when you do,
you need to be able to interact with that
person in a way that allows you to discover
if they are right for you and for you to
radiate the best of yourself so that they are
attracted to you.
Apart from love, most of us want to enjoy
successful, fulfilling careers and have good
friends around us. The type of flirting I
promote is one that can either be very sexual or simply very social or a mixture of
both. And great flirting, when practised appropriately and with the right attitude, is a
gateway to more romance, deeper friendship, enhanced professional relationships and
a definite feel-good sensation in you and the people you flirt with.
Most people know that when you want to win
people over, a little flirting goes a long way. Theperson who consistently makes other people feel
good by smiling at them, paying attention to them,
showing they are interested and telling them when
they do something well is the person who is most

time because you bring that added feel-good
factor to your work and clients
To get the most from workplace flirting follow
these recommendations: donÕt be an overt

exchange sex for business favours such as
promotion or to get someone to do something
for you. Your colleagues will resent you and
you might end up getting more than you
bargained for. Turn down your sexual pilot
light to the lowest setting when flirting in
professional situations, until you know how far
you can go with the person.

1. Always start with very mild flirtation. Some
people will appear as outrageous flirts and
others wonÕt approve. Turn up the heat
2. Keep a friendly fact file on work colleagues
and clients. Record birthdays, interests, family
information, dreams, passions and snippets of
info that tell you about them. You are taking
an interest in people. Use that information to
start a conversation, cheer them up, or pass ona contact or article that will be useful to them,
they will feel special and valued and remember
you as the instigator of those feelings

meet at your work. Decide that you are going
to talk to as many different people as possible
in the day. Each time you pass someone in the
corridor, make eye contact, smile and just say
Hi, or greet them in some general way. Be theperson who makes people smile with acompliment or a timely joke or a suggestion or
offer of help. This will pay off in many
different ways.SUPERMARKETS
Eve was wandering around the aisles of Eden
Garden supermarket when she spied a luscious,
round, juicy, Pink Lady¨ apple. She plucked it
from the shelf, took a bite and so wonderful
was it that she immediately offered it to Adam.
Unable to resist her wiles, Adam tasted the
forbidden fruit and well you know the rest.
Do you want to tempt your Adam or your Eve?
Supermarkets are the ideal location.
Everyone has to shop, so at one time or
another most of the singles who live locally to
you will be found wandering the aisles of their
local grocery store. If you donÕt find what you
want in one, visit another. Pick a supermarket
that has a good coffee bar, where you could
invite someone for a quick post-shop coffee.
1. Checkout their shopping. No baby products,
small portions of anything and ready meals in
single servings in a hand basket are sure signs
of a singleton shopper.
2. Use produce as props. Pick up a Pink Lady
apple and say to someone Ð ÔDid you know
these apples are meant to be flirty?Õ while you
make eye contact and smile.
3. Be curious and friendly. Ask about an item in
their trolley Ð is that any good? Start a small
talk conversation.
CafŽs and bars are people containers and linked
to social activities. Generally people go there to
relax, meet friends and eat. People visit coffee

and a fairly good place to make a move! Mostsingle people feel OK about sitting alone with a
coffee. Bars tend to be more problematic if
they are too crowded or play loud music. Avoid
these venues as flirtation spots especially on
Fridays and Saturdays.

1. Set the scene. As you walk into a cafŽ/bar
hold up your head, sashay your hips; men, pull
back your shoulders a little and smile. Make eye
contact with as many people as possible as you
move to your seat. Now they are all aware of
you and you wonÕt seem such a stranger if you
choose to make a move.
2. Pick your position. Make sure you sit at a
table with the widest view of the restaurant. If
in a coffee
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