Evening Round Up

William Crosbie Hunter
Evening Round Up, by William
Crosbie Hunter

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Title: Evening Round Up More Good Stuff Like Pep
Author: William Crosbie Hunter

Release Date: December 12, 2006 [eBook #20098]
Language: English
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More Good Stuff Like PEP
Author of
Pep--Dollars and Sense--Brass Tacks Ginger Snaps--and Other Books

[Illustration: the author]

$1.00 Net Published by Hunter Service Kansas City, Mo., U. S. A.
Copyright, 1915 by Wm. C. Hunter

Anger 150 Brass Tacks 250 Character 252 Church 180 Closing Note
242 Continuous Happiness 86 Crying Babies 218 Dad 215 Daughters
138 Diet Rules 71 Doing Things Twice 34 Dollars and Sense 249
Dreams 97 Egotism 188 Elimination 82 Fake Medicines 177 Food 134
Friends 104 Geology 193 Ginger Snaps 251 Girl 221 Gloom 46
Happiness 49 Home 68 Inventory 185 Insomnia 156 In the Big Woods
124 Laziness 119 Leaders 231 Making Plans 14 Man's Danger 108

Medicine 57 Mental Pleasures 206 Mistakes 159 Mother 128 Natural
Law 18 Negative Attitude 73 Nerves 38 Observation 28 Old Age 234
Our Bodies 131 Our Sons 111 Panama 209 Patriotism 197 Pep 246
Perseverance 190 Personal 22 Pessimists 43 Pills 173 Pioneer Mothers
145 Poise 142 Practical Helps 26 Reading 61 Real Charity 100
Religious Extremes 114 Ridicule 200 Salt 154 Self Accusation 89
Sincerity 167 Speculation 225 Stars 228 Thought Control 53 Time 238
To-day 212 To-morrow 161 Verbomania 65 Walking 78 Wives 203
Woman's Beauty 94 Worry 9

Dedicated to Nancy, my wife

Each evening, just before retiring, we will have a little Round-Up of the
day's doings, of the problems in our business and home life, of our
hopes and ambitions.
We'll try to solve perplexities, dissolve worries, absolve ourselves from
pull-backs, and resolve to better our lives.
We'll plan and prepare that we may have more poise--efficiency--peace;
that's Pep.
We'll learn how to establish helpful thought habit that our lives may be
full of gladsome notes instead of gruesome gloom.
We'll aim at
These, then, are the purposes of this book.
WM. C. HUNTER, Kansas City, Mo. July 18, 1915.

The Nerve Racking Pace That Causes "Americanitis"
Nervous breakdowns are increasing as a result of the American worry
This high tension Americanitis presumes too much upon nature, by
persistently forcing the nerves to carry loads far beyond their capacity.
So many people are pleasure mad, they become so deadened by excess
of enjoyment and indulgence that ordinary pleasure is uninteresting.
They seek unnatural excitement, original methods and unusual
activities to appease the appetite. Then they become blasé and
constitutional pessimists.
It's a maddening, nerve racking pace they go. To keep up the gait there
is an incessant battle for wealth, and the struggle wears and weakens
the nervous systems.
Both men and women go the terrific gait. Men and women having this
health-destroying worry, mate and marry and they lay foundations for
deficient progeny that suffers from the sins of the parents.
The phobia is almost universal; it has permeated all classes of society
from highest to lowest.
Excitement, that's the keynote; for the rich there is society and polo and
useless functions and conventions.
Society is a game of cards, not only playing cards for money, but the
card convention of paying calls by leaving pasteboards in lieu of the
old-fashioned visit.
Society is the builder of fourflushers, the generator of
insincerity--falsehood and rottenness.
For the poor, the aping of the rich, in dress the wearers can ill afford,
the picture shows, the cheap theatres, the automobile, bought with a

mortgage on the home.
It's rush, push, excitement at any cost. The great cost which they don't
seem to consider is the cost of the nerves.
We all enter the world with an abundance of nerve energy, and by
conserving that energy we can adapt and adjust our nerve equipment to
keep pace with the progress and evolution of our times.
The way to preserve and conserve nerve equilibrium and power is to
rest and relax the nerves each day.
You may rest them by a change of the thought habit each day, by
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