David Micheals When a Man makes Love to a Woman

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When a Man
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David Michaels

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I would like to dedicate this book to my wife Melissa, whose en-
couragement and support was a great help in completing it.


You Are an Artist
Her Trust in You
A Woman’s Desire
Actions not Words

Part One: Before Sex

13 Chapter 1 Mind and Body
15 Sex and the Brain
16 Brain Energy
19 Visualization
20 The Swish Pattern as I Taught it to Rob
23 Chapter 2 Free Your Mind
24 Forgiveness
25 Financial Stress
27 Chapter 3 Sexuality and Spirituality
28 Model Prayer for Severing Soul Ties
30 Prayer for Salvation
33 Chapter 4 Free Your Lover’s Mind
37 Chapter 5 Romance and Setting the Mood
37 Make Love to a Woman Before You Even Touch Her
37 Things to Say
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