Buccaneers and Pirates of Our Coasts

Frank R. Stockton
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Buccaneers and Pirates of Our
Coasts, by

Frank Richard Stockton
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Title: Buccaneers and Pirates of Our Coasts
Author: Frank Richard Stockton

Release Date: November 30, 2005 [eBook #17188]
Language: English
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[Illustration: "The pirates climbed up the sides of the man-of-war as if
they had been twenty-nine cats."--Frontispiece.]

Grosset & Dunlap, Publishers New York by arrangement with The
Macmillan Company Copyright, 1897-1898, By the Century Co.
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Reprinted November, 1898; September, 1905; May, 1906; April,
October, 1908; October, 1910; March, 1913; September, 1914; January,
1915; October, 1917. Printed in the United States of America


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Chapter Page
I. The Bold Buccaneers 1
II. Some Masters in Piracy 7
III. Pupils in Piracy 16
IV. Peter the Great 23
V. The Story of a Pearl Pirate 31
VI. The Surprising Adventures of Bartholemy Portuguez 39
VII. The Pirate who could not Swim 49
VIII. How Bartholemy rested Himself 59
IX. A Pirate Author 65
X. The Story of Roc, the Brazilian 72
XI. A Buccaneer Boom 89
XII. The Story of L'Olonnois the Cruel 94
XIII. A Resurrected Pirate 100
XIV. Villany on a Grand Scale 109
XV. A Just Reward 119
XVI. A Pirate Potentate 132
XVII. How Morgan was helped by Some Religious People 145

XVIII. A Piratical Aftermath 153
XIX. A Tight Place for Morgan 159
XX. The Story of a High-Minded Pirate 171
XXI. Exit Buccaneer; Enter Pirate 192
XXII. The Great Blackbeard comes upon the Stage 200
XXIII. A True-Hearted Sailor draws his Sword 210
XXIV. A Greenhorn under the Black Flag 217
XXV. Bonnet again to the Front 224
XXVI. The Battle of the Sand Bars 233
XXVII. A Six Weeks' Pirate 243
XXVIII. The Story of Two Women Pirates 253
XXIX. A Pirate from Boyhood 263
XXX. A Pirate of the Gulf 277
XXXI. The Pirate of the Buried
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