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List of Mobile devices from Samsung
We recommend you to choose your Samsung mobile device from the list below. When you choose your mobile device, you get content like free games, apps, softwares, wallpapers, and themes built specifically for your Samsung device and stuff that will be supported on your mobile phone model.
S5233sGalaxy Y Duos S6102C3303 ChampCorby II S3850C3312 DuosB7810E1282E2202 MetroGalaxy Exhibit T599Galaxy FameGalaxy Note 8.0Galaxy Pocket Neo Duos S5312Galaxy Pocket Neo S5310Galaxy S III LTE T999LGalaxy S IVGalaxy Star S5280Galaxy Xcover II S7710Galaxy Y Plus S5303Galaxy YoungRex 60 C3312RRex 70 S3802Rex 80 S5222RRex 90 S5292Array SPH-M390Ativ S i8750C3780Champ Neo Duos C3262Chat 357 S3570Chrono 2 SCH-r270E1282tE2250E2252E2262Evan C3782Freeform 4 R390Galaxy Ace Advance S6800Galaxy Ace DuosGalaxy Ace Duos i589Galaxy Ace II i8160Galaxy Ace II X S7560MGalaxy Ace Plus S7500Galaxy Ace Q i827DGalaxy Ace VE S5839iGalaxy Admire 4G SCH-R820Galaxy Attain 4GGalaxy Axiom R830Galaxy Beam i8530Galaxy CameraGalaxy Chat B5330Galaxy DiscoverGalaxy Exhilarate i577Galaxy Express i437Galaxy Grand DuosGalaxy Grand i9080Galaxy Metrix 4G SCH-i405Galaxy Mini 2 S6500Galaxy Mini S5578Galaxy Music Duos S6012Galaxy Music S6010Galaxy Next Turbo S5570iGalaxy Nexus 4G LTEGalaxy Note 10.1Galaxy Note IIGalaxy Note II i605Galaxy Note II LTEGalaxy Note LTE i717Galaxy Note T879Galaxy Player 70 PlusGalaxy Pocket Duos S5302Galaxy Pocket Plus S5301Galaxy Pocket S5300Galaxy Pop Plus S5570iGalaxy Premier i9260Galaxy Proclaim S720cGalaxy R StyleGalaxy Reverb SPH-M950Galaxy Rugby Pro i547Galaxy Rugby S5690MGalaxy Rush SPH-M830Galaxy S Advance i9070Star II S5263Galaxy S4 miniSCH-i730Ativ S NeoChat 333 Duos S3332Chat 333 S3330Denim A207Galaxy Ace III S7272Galaxy AmpGalaxy CenturaGalaxy CoreGalaxy Core DuosGalaxy Grand QuattroGalaxy Infinite i759Galaxy M Pro B7810Galaxy Mega 5.8Galaxy Mega 6.3Galaxy Note 3Galaxy Prevail 2Galaxy Ring M840Galaxy S4Galaxy S4 Active i9295Galaxy S4 DuosGalaxy S4 ZoomGalaxy Tab 3 10.1Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 P3200Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 WiFiGalaxy Tab 3 8.0Galaxy Trend II Duos S7572Galaxy Trend II S7570Galaxy WinGalaxy Y+ S5303Gravity Q T289SC-04E Galaxy S4Ativ SGalaxy Ace+ S7500Galaxy Player 70+Galaxy Pocket+ S5301Galaxy Pop+ S5570iGalaxy S Blaze 4GGalaxy S Blaze Q T699Galaxy S Duos S7562Galaxy S II SCH-R760Galaxy S II Skyrocket HDGalaxy S IIIGalaxy S III 4G i9305Galaxy S III i747Galaxy S III L710Galaxy S III Mini i8190Galaxy S III R530Galaxy S III T999Galaxy S LightrayGalaxy S Relay 4GGalaxy S WiFi 4.2Galaxy S3 i535Galaxy Stellar 4G SCH-i200Galaxy Tab 2 7.0Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE i815Galaxy Victory 4G LTE L300Galaxy Y TV S5367i667 Focus 2Intensity III U485Jitterbug+Manhattan E3300Omnia M S7530Primo Duos W279Rugby III A997Rugby Smart i847S275gS3572 Chat 357 DuosS3752S380CS390GS425GSPH-M370SPH-M400Star 3 Duos S5222Star 3 S5220Star Deluxe Duos S5292Stratosphere II SCH-i415T15936534G LTE SCH-i520A127A167A177A187A197A237A257 MagnetA411A437 A436A517 A516A551A561A597 Eternity IIA637A657A667 EvergreenA687 StriveA697 SunburstA701A707 SyncA711A717A727A737A767 PropelA777A796 FlightA797 FlightA817 Solstice IIA827 AccessA837 Rugby A836A847 Rugby IIA867 EternityA877 ImpressionA885 AdvanceA886 ForeverA887 SolsticeA897 MythicA927 Flight IIAcclaim SCH-R880ACE II SPH-i350Ace SCH-i325ACE SPH-i325Acton S3370Admire SCH-R720Alias 2 SCH-U750 ZealAlias SCH-U740Axle SCH-R311B2100 XplorerB2700B2710 Xcover 271B310B3210 CorbyTXTB3310B3313 Corby MateB3410 Corby+B3410R Corby+B3410W [email protected]B520B5310 Corby PROB5310R Corby PROB5702 Duos IIB5722B6520 OmniaPRO 5B7300 OmniaLITEB7300C BuckinghamB7320 OmniaPROB7330 MessengerB7330 OmniaPROB7350 OmniaPRO 4B7610 OmniaPROB7620 Giorgio Armani 2B7722 DuosBeat Box GT-C3200Brooklyn B5310C130C240
C300C3010C3011C3050 StratusC3053C3060RC3110C3200 Monte BarC3212 DuosC3222 Chat 322C3300K ChampC3303K ChampC3322 DuosC3332C3350 Xcover 2C3510 Corby PopC3510T Genoa TVC3520C3530 Metro 3530C3560C3630C3750C3752 Duos SliderC400C414C5010 SquashC5130 FloatC520C5212 DuosC5220C5510C6112C6625 ValenciaCaliber SCH-R850Caliber SCH-R860Captivate Glide i927Champ 2 C3330Champ 3G S3770KChamp C3300DChamp Duos E2652Champ Duos E2652WCharacter SCH-R640Chat 220 E2220Chat 222 E2222Chat 322 WiFi C3222WChat 335 S3350Chat 335 S3353Chat 350 C3500Chat 527 S5270Code SCH-i220Conquer 4G SPH-D600Continuum SCH-i400Corby 3G S3770Corby Android i5500Corby Speed SCH-F339Craft SCH-R900D407D500D510D520D600D720D780D800D806 D807D810D820 T809D830D840D870D880 DuosD900iD980 Player DuoDart T499DelphiDelve SCH-R800Diva GT-S3550DoubleTime i857Drift SPH-A503Droid Charge SCH-i510Duos 169 SCH-W169Duos 259 SCH-W259DuosTV i6712E1080E1085E1086LE1100E1105TE1107 Crest SolarE1120E1125E1150E1170E1175E1190E1210E1252E1310E1360E1390E1410E200E2100BE2120 ZinniaE2121E2130E2152 Duos liteE2152M Guru Dual 35E2210E2232 DuosE2330E2350BE2370 Super XplorerE250E2510E2530E2550 Monte PineE2600E3210E360E370E380E390E420E500E530E570E590E740E747E770E780E830E840E870E898E900E910 SereneE950EcoEpic 4GEpic 4G Touch D710Exclaim SPH-M550Exec SCH-i225Exhibit 4G T759Exhibit II 4G T679F210F270 BeatF300F330F400F480 ToccoF480i Player Style iF490F700vFactor SPH-M260Fascinate SCH-i500Finesse SCH-R810Focus Flash i677Focus S i937Forte SCH-R910Freeform II SCH-R360Freeform III SCH-R380Freeform SCH-R350G400 SoulG600G800G810Galaxy 3DGalaxy 580 GT-i5800Galaxy A SHW-M100SGalaxy Ace S5830Galaxy Ace S5830iGalaxy Ace SCH-i579Galaxy Europa i5500Galaxy Fit S5670Galaxy Gio S5660Galaxy M Pro B7800Galaxy M Style M340SGalaxy Mini S5570Galaxy NaosGalaxy Neo SHW-M220LGalaxy Next S5570Galaxy NexusGalaxy Nexus 4G SCH-i515Galaxy Note i9220Galaxy Player 4Galaxy Player 5Galaxy Pop CDMA SCH-i559Galaxy Pop S5570Galaxy Portal GT-i5700Galaxy Precedent SCH-M828Galaxy Prevail SPH-M820Galaxy Pro B7510Galaxy QGalaxy R i9103Galaxy S 4G T959VGalaxy S Aviator R930Galaxy S Fascinate 4GGalaxy S Hoppin M190Galaxy S II 4GGalaxy S II Duos i929Galaxy S II FunctionGalaxy S II HD LTEGalaxy S II i777Galaxy S II i9100Galaxy S II i9100gGalaxy S II LTEGalaxy S II Skyrocket i727Galaxy S II T989Galaxy S II XGalaxy S+ i9001Galaxy S2 MiniGalaxy SCH-i899Galaxy SL i9003Galaxy Tab 10.1Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G P7100Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G T859Galaxy Tab 7.0+ 4G T869Galaxy Tab 7.0+ P6200Galaxy Tab 8.9Galaxy Tab 8.9 3GGalaxy Tab 8.9 4G LTE i957Galaxy Tab P1000Galaxy Tab T849Galaxy TeosGalaxy U SHW-M130LGalaxy W 4G T679MGalaxy W i8150Galaxy Xcover S5690Galaxy Y Pro B5510Galaxy Y Pro DuosGalaxy Y S5360Galaxy Z i9103Gem SCH-i100Genio QWERTYGenio SlideGenio Touch GT-S3650Genoa C3510Gleam Muse SCH-U700Gloss SCH-U440 Cleo
Glyde SCH-U940Gravity SMART T589Gravity TXT T379G-TouchGusto SCH-U360Haven SCH-U320HD IconHero 189 SCH-B189Hero 319 SCH-B319Hero 3G E3213Hero E2230Highnote SPH-M630Hue II SCH-R600Hue SCH-R500i200i250i300xi310i320i450i520i550i5500 Galaxy 5i5503 Galaxy 550i5510 Galaxy 551i560i5700 Galaxy Spicai5800 Galaxy 3i5800L Apolloi5801 Galaxy 3i5801 Galaxy Apolloi600i607 BlackJacki617 BlackJack IIi620i6210i6220 Star TVi6230 Star Lite TVi627 Propel Proi637 Jacki6410 M1i6500U Galaxyi7110i7410i7500 Galaxyi7510 Galaxyi780i8000 Omnia IIi8320 H1i8510 Innov8i8520 Beam Haloi8700 Omnia 7i890 HDi8910 Omnia HDi896 Galaxy S Captivatei897 Captivatei9000 Galaxy S Vibranti9000T Galaxy Si9010 Galaxy S Giorgio Armanii907 Epixi916 Focusi917 Focusi987 Galaxy TabIllusion SCH-i110Indulge SCH-R915Infuse 4G i997Instinct HD SPH-M850Instinct s30 SPH-M810Instinct SPH-M800Intensity II SCH-U460Intensity SCH-U450Intercept SPH-M910Intrepid SCH-i350J150J165J200J210J400J600J610J630J700J750J800 LuxeJetSet SCH-R550Juke SCH-U470Knack SCH-U310L170L600L700L760L770L810v SteelL870Libre GT-C3300Link SCH-R351M110M150M200M2310M2510M2513M2520 Beat TechnoM2710 Beat TwistM300M3200 Beat SM3310M3510 Beat bM3710 Corby BeatM5650 LindyM575M620M6710 Beat DISCM7500 Emporio ArmaniM7600 Beat DJM7603 Beat DJM8800 PixonM8910 Pixon12Mantra SPH-M340Max SCH-F679Mesmerize SCH-i500Messager II SCH-R560Messager III SCH-R570Messager SCH-R450Messager SCH-R451Messager Touch SCH-R630Messager Touch SCH-R631Metro 3G GT-S5350Moment II SPH-M910Moment SPH-M900Mondi SWD-m100Monte Touch GT-S5620Mpower Muzik 219MPOWER TXT SCH-M369MyShot SCH-R430Nexus S i9020Nexus S i9020TNexus S i9023Nimbus SCH-U420Omnia i900Omnia i908Omnia IconOmnia II SCH-i920Omnia SCH-i910Omnia W i8350OmniaPRO 652 GT-B6520P250P300P310P520 ArmaniPlatine Beat DJPocket 3GPrimo S5610Profile SCH-R580Punch 2 SIM C3222Punch WiFi S3350RANT SPH-M540 SlydeReality SCH-U820Reclaim SPH-M560Renown SCH-U810Replenish SPH-M580Repp SCH-R680Restore SPH-M570Rogue SCH-U960S3030 TobiS3100S3110S3310S3370 Corby 3GS3500S3550 Shark 3S3600S3650 CorbyS3653 CorbyS3653IK Corby ColoursS3653W Corby WiFiS5050 Allure SS5150 Diva folderS5150 La FleurS5200S5230 AvilaS5230 StarS5230 Tocco LiteS5230W Star WifiS5233 Star NxtS5233T Star TVS5233W Star WifiS5250 Wave 2S5253 Wave 525S5330 Wave 2 ProS5333 Wave 533S5350 SharkS5500 EcoS5503S5510S5511TS5530S5550 Shark 2S5560 MarvelS5600 PrestonS5600v BladeS5603 PrestonS5603 Star 3GS5603T Preston IconS5620 Monte Iron Man 2S5750 Wave 575S5753 Wave 575S6700S7070 DivaS7070 La FleurS7220 Ultra BS7230 Wave 723S7230E Wave 723S7233 Wave 723S7233E Wave 723S730iS7330S7350 Ultra SlideS7550 Blue EarthS8000 JetS8003 JetS8300 Ultra TOUCHS8500 WaveS8500M WaveS8500T WaveS8530 Wave IIS9402 EgoSaga SCH-i770SCH-A645SCH-A930SCH-F669SCH-i760SCH-i830SCH-M519SCH-R312SCH-R355cSCH-r375cSCH-R410SCH-R451cSCH-S239 mPower TVSCH-S569
SCH-U520SCH-W319SCH-W689 DuosSCH-W880 AMOLED 12MSeek SPH-M350 EntroShowcase SCH-i500Sidekick 4G T839Siren SCH-A870Slash SPH-M310Smooth SCH-U350Snap SCH-U340SPH-A640SPH-M220SPH-M320SPH-M360SPH-M500SPH-M510SPH-M520SPH-M610SPH-P9000Star II Duos C6712Star II S5260Star Nano 3GSTAR QWERTYStratosphere 4G SCH-i405Stride SCH-R330Suede SCH-R710Sway SCH-U650T119T139T219T229T239T249T255GT259T301GT329T339 T336T340gT349T356 ElevateT359 SmileyT369 LinxT401GT404gT429T439T456 GravityT459 GravityT469 Gravity 2T479 Gravity 3T509sT528gT539 BeatT559 ComebackT566 Corby TouchT619T629T636T639T659 ScarletT669 Gravity TouchT719T729 BlastT739 KatalystT746 ImpactT749 HighlightT819T919 BeholdT929 MemoirT939 Behold 2T959 VibrantTouchwizTrance SCH-U490Transfix SCH-R730Transform SPH-M920Transform Ultra SPH-M930Trender SPH-M380Two Step SCH-R470U600U700U800E Soul BU900 SoulVice SCH-R561Vitality SCH-R720Vodafone 360 H1Vodafone 360 M1vStyle SCH-B309W960 AMOLED 3DWafer SCH-R510Wave 3 S8600Wave 525 GT-S5250Wave 533 GT-S5330Wave 538 S5380 Wave YWave 578 S5780Wave M S7250 Wave 725X210X300X500X510X520X530X550X630X640X650X680X820X830Z150Z170Z400Z400vZ500vZ510Z540Z550Z560Z620Z710 SleekZV40ZV60ATIV SEGalaxy Ace 4 LTEGalaxy Ace NXTGalaxy Ace StyleGalaxy AlphaGalaxy AvantGalaxy Beam 2Galaxy Core 2Galaxy Core Lite LTEGalaxy Core LTEGalaxy Core MaxGalaxy Core Mini 4GGalaxy Core PrimeGalaxy Grand PrimeGalaxy K zoomGalaxy Mega 2Galaxy Mega PlusGalaxy Note 3 NeoGalaxy Note 4Galaxy Note EdgeGalaxy Note Pro 12.2Galaxy S Duos 3Galaxy S III Mini VEGalaxy S3 NeoGalaxy S3 SlimGalaxy S5Galaxy S5 ActiveGalaxy S5 FGalaxy S5 miniGalaxy S5 NeoGalaxy S5 PlusGalaxy S5 SportGalaxy Star 2Galaxy Star 2 PlusGalaxy Star Advance G350EGalaxy Star Trios S5283Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0Galaxy Tab 3 NeoGalaxy Tab 4 10.1Galaxy Tab 4 7.0Galaxy Tab 4 8.0Galaxy Tab 4 NookGalaxy Tab ActiveGalaxy Tab Pro 10.1Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4Galaxy Tab S 10.5Galaxy Tab S 8.4Galaxy TabQGalaxy VGalaxy Young 2Guru Music 2Metro 312S5611SC-04F Galaxy S5SCL23 Galaxy S5T199WC3590C3595Galaxy Ace 3 LTE S7275Galaxy Core AdvanceGalaxy Core Plus G3500Galaxy Express 2Galaxy Fame LiteGalaxy Fame Lite DuosGalaxy Fresh Duos S7392Galaxy Fresh S7390Galaxy GoldenGalaxy Grand 2Galaxy Grand 2 LTEGalaxy Grand Neo i9060Galaxy JGalaxy LightGalaxy RoundGalaxy S Duos 2 S7582Galaxy Star Plus S7262Galaxy Star Pro S7260Galaxy Trend 3 G3502Galaxy Trend Lite S7390Galaxy Trend Plus S7580SC-02F Galaxy JChrono 2Contour 2Galaxy Admire 2Galaxy Pocket 2S150GS3370 ActonXcover 3Galaxy A3 DuosGalaxy A5 DuosBeam HaloBehold 2Exhibit II 4GFocus 2Focus FlashFocus SGalaxy 580Galaxy AGalaxy S7Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Galaxy C7 Gear SportGalaxy Note8Galaxy J2 Galaxy S8 ActiveGalaxy On6Galaxy J7 Galaxy J3 Galaxy A8 Star Galaxy S Light LuxuryGalaxy J8Galaxy J6Galaxy J4
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