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List of Mobile devices from LG
We recommend you to choose your LG mobile device from the list below. When you choose your mobile device, you get content like free games, apps, softwares, wallpapers, and themes built specifically for your LG device and stuff that will be supported on your mobile phone model.
Venice 730GM360 Viewty SnapSamba 8575C360GS290 Cookie FreshLucid 2 VS870Optimus F5Optimus F7Optimus L3 IIOptimus L3 II DualOptimus L5 II DualOptimus L7 IIOptimus L7 II Dual840GA250 HornetA258A290A340C193 Text It ChatC195C197C199 Text WiFiC205C333 Tri ChipConnect 4G MS840E500Eclypse C800GEscape P870Intuition VS950L-01E Optimus GL-02DL-02E Optimus LifeL-04E Optimus G ProL-05D Optimus itL-06D Optimus VuLS970 Eclipse 4G LTELucid 4G VS840Mach LS860Motion 4G MS770Nexus 4 E960Optimus 3D Max P720Optimus 4X HD P880Optimus Dynamic L38cOptimus EliteOptimus GOptimus L2Optimus L3 Dual E405Optimus L3 E400Optimus L5 Dual E615Optimus L5 E610Optimus L7 P700Optimus L9Optimus Logic L35gOptimus LTE IIOptimus M+ MS695Optimus Pad LTEOptimus Plus AS695Optimus Regard LW770Optimus True HD LTE P936Optimus VuOptimus Vu IIOptimus X IS11Spectrum II 4G VS930Spectrum VS920Spirit 4G MS870Splendor US730T370 Cookie SmartT375 Cookie SmartT385T395T565Viper 4G LTE LS840Xpression C395220C330T410G420G500g600G620G800G900GA130A133 AliciaA155A160A165A200A230A310A350A353Accolade VX5600Ally VS740Aloha C710Apex US740Apollo GW990Arena IIAttune UN270AX155AX300 UX300Axis AS740BaliBanter Touch MN510Banter Touch UN510Banter UX265Beacon MN270BL20 New ChocolateBL40 New ChocolateBliss Touch UX700C100 NelsonC105C300 TownC305 Wink WiFiC310 Cookie DuetC320 InTouch LadyC320iC330C365C375 Cookie TweetC555 Optimus ChatC570 Hotmail PhoneC660 Optimus ProC729 DoublePlayCB630 InvisionCE110CF360CF750 SecretCG180Chocolate 3 VX8560Chocolate Blue IceChocolate Touch VX8575Chocolate VX8500Chocolate VX8550Cookie 3G T320 FlickCookie Lite T300Cookie LiveCookie MusicCookie Style T310Cookie Zip 510Cosmos 2 UN251Cosmos Touch VN270Cosmos VN250CT810 InciteCU500CU515CU575 TraxCU720 ShineCU915 VuCU920 VuDare VX9700Decoy VX8610E300 MarimbaEGO Wi-FiEllipse 9250Enlighten VS700enV Touch VX11000enV VX9900
KM550KM555 Cookie 3GKM555E ClubbyKM555R Shine TouchKM570 Cookie GigKM710KM900 ArenaKP105KP130AKP135KP150QKP151QKP152QKP170 KP175KP199KP202KP210KP215 ScorpiusKP220KP230KP233KP235KP260KP265KP270KP275KP320KP330KP500 CookieKP501 CookieKP502 CookieKP550 Rip CurlKP570 CookieKP570Q CookieKS10KS20KS360 TribeKS365KS500KS660KT520KT610KT615KT770KU2100KU250KU380 KU385KU580 ChocolateKU950KU970 ShineKU990 ViewtyKU990i ViewtyL-01D Optimus LTEL-04C Optimus ChatLotus Elite LX610Lotus LX600LX160 LX165LX290LX370 UX370Lyric MT375Marquee LS855Maxx QWERTYMaxx TouchME550cME830d Chocolate PlatinumMM535MS20 MS25MuziqMystique UN610Neon II GW370New Chocolate SlideNitro HD P930Octane VN530Opera TVOptimus 2Optimus 2X P990 StarOptimus 3D P920Optimus 3D P925GOptimus 3GOptimus 7 E900Optimus 7Q C900Optimus AOptimus Big LU6800Optimus Black P970Optimus C LW690Optimus Chat C550Optimus Chic E720Optimus GT540Optimus Hub E510Optimus LifeOptimus Link P698Optimus LTE P930Optimus M MS690Optimus Me P350Optimus Net Dual P698Optimus Net L45cOptimus Net P690Optimus Note LU6500Optimus One P500Optimus Pad V900Optimus Q L55COptimus S LS670Optimus Slider VM701Optimus Sol E730Optimus Spirit P690Optimus T P509Optimus U US670Optimus V VM670Optimus White P970Optimus Zip L75CP506 ThriveP520P520 TerryP525PecanPhoenix P505PicoPrada K2Quantum C900Remarq LN240Revolution VS910Rhythm AX585Rumor 2Rumor LX260Rumor ReflexRumor touch LN510Rumor touch VM510S310S365S367SaberScoopScoop AX260Scoop UX260Shine Plus 710Shine VX8700Spyder 2 840Spyder 830SU420 CafeSurf 4GBT300 WinkT310 Wink StyleT310i Cookie WiFiT315T320 Wink 3GT325 Cookie MaxT500 DakotaT505T510T515 Cookie DuoTE365 NeonThe v VX9800Thrill 4G P925Touch AX8575Town GT350Tritan UX840TU330 GlobusTU515TU720 ShineTU915 Vu
If we have missed out on some device, feel free to contact us at [email protected] Meanwhile you can select a similar device from the list or look up your device specs and browse the appropriate section manually.