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Guns Dan Glory 320x240 java game free download

game pic for Guns Dan Glory Name - Guns Dan Glory
Category - shootingfighting
Resolution - 320x240
Type - jar
Size - 397 KB
Rating - 4/5 from 8 ratings
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At the core of Guns N Glory is a tower defense game. Well, that is if you imagine your towers to be gun-toting cowboys, dynamite tossing Mexicans and flaming-arrow shooting Native Americans (I know, not very politically correct at all, is it?). In addition there are cannons and train-mounted gatling gungs. Sounds cool right?

Well it is, only you’re not really defending anything. You’re killing settlers and taking their gold. So I guess one might call this a tower offense game, especially since the settlers don’t shoot back. Each level consists of a path which the settlers will follow while trying to get to their new homes. That makes them easy pickings for your band of armed brigands. The settlers will come in various types including on foot, horseback, covered wagons and heavy wagons (which are carrying gold). Your choice of henchman will play an important role in your success of course as some are far more suited to kill certain types of settlers than others.

The levels aren’t all that diverse really but the gameplay manages to remain fresh with only about 10 waves per level before you move on to the next. Right now I’m at a level where I’ve only got trains and gatling guns to catch all the settlers running through a maze of canyons, it’s tricky and is a change up from the previous levels. Each level presents a challenge as the type of settlers varies somewhat. On certain levels you’ll have waves entirely made of gold-hauling wagons which take a lot of damage and require dynamite and cannons but other levels will be all pedestrian settlers meaning you would do to have some sharpshooters and flaming arrows on hand.

I actually played through the whole game, which ends sort of abruptly. You play a level and then, it’s over, you’ve won. A bit strange really but didn’t affect the overall game experience. Once you’ve played through the whole thing you can then go back and see your high score on each level and play them separately and try to best your previous score.

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