The Rover Boys on Treasure Isle

Edward Stratemeyer

The Rover Boys on Treasure Isle, by Edward

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Title: The Rover Boys on Treasure Isle The Strange Cruise of the Steam Yacht
Author: Edward Stratemeyer
Release Date: April 28, 2005 [eBook #15723]
Language: English
Character set encoding: ISO-646-US (US-ASCII)
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Or, The Strange Cruise of the Steam Yacht

My DEAR Boys: This is a complete tale in itself, but forms the thirteenth volume of the "Rover Boys Series for Young Americans."
This line of books was started some ten years ago with the publication of the first three volumes, "The Rover Boys at School ... .. The Rover Boys on the Ocean" and "The Rover Boys in the Jungle." At that time I thought to end the series with a fourth volume provided the readers wanted another. But with the publication of "The Rover Boys Out West," came a cry for "more!" and so I added "On the Great Lakes," "In the Mountains," "In Camp," "On Land and Sea," "On the River," "On the Plains," "In Southern Waters" and "On the Farm," where we last left our friends.
For a number of years Tom, Dick and Sam have attended a military academy, but now their school days at Putnam Hall are at an end, and we find them getting ready to go to college. But before leaving home for the higher seat of learning they take a remarkable cruise on a steam yacht, searching for an island upon which it is said a large treasure is hidden. They are accompanied on this trip by their father and a number of friends, and have several adventures somewhat out of the ordinary, and also a good bit of fun for there is bound to be fun when Tom Rover is around. They lose themselves and lose their yacht, and once some of them come pretty close to losing their lives, but in the end--well, the story will tell the rest.
I cannot close without again thanking my many friends for all the nice things they have said about the "Rover Boys" stories and the "Putnam Hall" stories. I trust the present volume will fulfill every fair expectation.
Affectionately and sincerely yours, EDWARD STRATEMEYER

I Bound For Home II An Important Telegram III Fun On The Farm IV A Midnight Search V At The Old Mill VI The Story Of A Treasure VII In Which Something Is Missing VIII The Rover Boys In New York IX A Chase On The Bowery X Dick Becomes A Prisoner XI Aboard The Steam Yacht XII Something About Firecrackers XIII A Wild Automobile Ride XIV What A Roman Candle Did XV The Sailing Of The Steam Yacht XVI A Row On Shipboard XVII A Mishap In The Fog XVIII The New Deck Hand XIX Treasure Isle At Last XX The Boys Make A Discovery XXI Scaring Off The Enemy XXII Prisoners In The Forest XXIII What Wingate Had To Tell XXIV A Missing Landmark XXV The Trail Through The Jungle XXVI A Dismaying Discovery XXVII What Happened On The Steam Yacht XXVIII A New Move Of The Enemy XXIX The Hunt For The Treasure XXX Homeward Bound--Conclusion
"HURRY Up, Sam, unless you want to be left behind!"
"I'm coming!" shouted Sam Rover, as he crossed the depot platform on the run. "Where is Tom?"
"He went ahead, to get two good seats for us," answered Dick Rover. He looked around the crowd that had gathered to take the train. "Hi, there, Songbird, this way! Come in this car, Hans!"
"Say, aren't you fellows coming aboard?" came a voice from the nearest car, and a curlytopped head with a pair of laughing eyes appeared. "Folks crowding in to beat the band! Come on in if you want seats."
"We'll be in directly," answered Sam, and followed his brother Dick to the car steps. Here there was quite a jam, and the Rover boys had all they could do to get into the car, followed by half a dozen of their school chums. But Tom Rover had managed to keep seats for all, and they sat "in a bunch," much to their satisfaction. Then the train rolled out of the station, and the journey homeward was begun.
The term at Putnam Hall Military Academy was at an end, and the school days of the three Rover boys at that institution were now a thing of the past. Each had graduated with honors, yet all were a trifle sad
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