The Philippines: Past and Present

Dean C. Worcester
The Philippines: Past and

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Title: The Philippines: Past and Present (vol. 1 of 2)
Author: Dean C. Worcester
Release Date: April 19, 2004 [EBook #12077]
Language: English
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Peace and Prosperity.
This chance photograph showing General Emilio Aguinaldo as he is
to-day, standing with Director of Education Frank L. Crone, beside a
field of corn raised by Emilio Aguinaldo, Jr., in a school contest,
typifies the peace, prosperity, and enlightenment which have been

brought about in the Philippine Islands under American rule.

The Philippines Past and Present
Dean C. Worcester
Secretary of the Interior of the Philippine Islands 1901-1913; Member
of the Philippine Commission, 1900-1913
Author of "The Philippine Islands and Their People"

In Two Volumes -- With 128 Plates Volume I 1914


Chapter I.
View Point and Subject-Matter II. Was Independence Promised? III.
Insurgent "Coöperation" IV. The Premeditated Insurgent Attack V.
Insurgent Rule and the Wilcox-Sargent Report VI. Insurgent Rule in
the Cagayan Valley VII. Insurgent Rule in the Visayas and Elsewhere
VIII. Did We Destroy a Republic? IX. The Conduct of the War X. Mr.
Bryan and Independence XI. The First Philippine Commission XII. The
Establishment of Civil Government XIII. The Philippine Civil Service
XIV. The Constabulary and Public Order XV. The Administration of
Justice XVI. Health Conditions XVII. Baguio and the Benguet Road
XVIII. The Coördination of Scientific Work

List of Illustrations
Peace and Prosperity Fort San Antonio Abad, showing the Effect of the
Fire from Dewey's Fleet Felipe Buencamino The San Juan Bridge
Insurgent Prisoners Typical Insurgent Trenches Inside View of
Insurgent Trenches at the Bagbag River General Henry W. Lawton
Feeding Filipino Refugees The First Philippine Commission The
Second Philippine Commission The Return of Mr. Taft
Governor-general James F. Smith with a Bontoc Igorot Escort

Governor-general Forbes in the Wild Man's Country The Philippine
Supreme Court An Unsanitary Well A Flowing Artesian Well An
Unimproved Street in the Filipino Quarter of Manila An Improved
Street in the Filipino Quarter of Manila Disinfecting by the Acre An
Old-style Provincial Jail Retreat at Bilibid Prison, Manila Bilibid
Prison Hospital Modern Contagious Disease Ward, San Lazaro
Hospital Filipina Trained Nurses Staff of the Bontoc Hospital A Victim
of Yaws before and after Treatment with Salvarsan The Culion Leper
Colony Building the Benguet Road Freight Autos on the Benguet Road
The Famous Zig-zag on the Benguet Road A Typical Baguio Road One
of the First Benguet Government Cottages Typical Cottages at Baguio
A Baguio Home The Baguio Hospital Government Centre at Baguio A
Scene in the Baguio Teachers' Camp The Baguio Country Club The
Bureau of Science Building, Manila The Philippine General Hospital
The College of Medicine and Surgery, Manila An Old-style
Schoolhouse, with Teachers and Pupils A Modern Primary School
Building Old-style Central School Building Modern Central School
Building Typical Scene in a Trade School An Embroidery Class
Philippine Embroidery Filipino Trained Nurses A School Athletic
Team Filipina Girls playing Basket-ball University Hall, Manila
Bakídan In Hostile Country Travel under Difficulties Dangerous
Navigation A Negrito Family and their "House" A Typical Negrito
Typical Kalingas Settling a Head-hunting Feud Entertaining the
Kalingas An Ifugao Family Ifugao Dancers An Ifugao Dancer Ifugao
Rice Terraces


View Point and Subject-Matter
It is customary in Latin countries for a would-be author or orator to
endeavour, at the beginning of his book or his speech, to establish his
status. Possibly I have become partially Latinized as the result of some
eighteen years of residence in the Philippines. At all events it is my
purpose to state at the outset facts which will tend to make clear my

view point and at the same time briefly to outline the subject-matter
which I hereinafter discuss.
As a boy I went through several of the successive stages of collector's
fever from which the young commonly suffer. First it was postage
stamps; then birds' nests, obtained during the winter season when no
longer of use to their builders. Later I was allowed to collect eggs, and
finally the birds themselves. At one time my great ambition was to
become a taxidermist. My family did not actively oppose this desire but
suggested that a few preliminary years in
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