The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus, vol 2

Washington Irving
The Life and Voyages of
by Washington

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Title: The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus (Vol. II)
Author: Washington Irving
Release Date: July, 2005 [EBook #8519] [Yes, we are more than one
year ahead of schedule] [This file was first posted on July 25, 2003]
Edition: 10
Language: English
Character set encoding: ISO-8859-1

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The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus
Washington Irving.
Venient annis Sæcula seris, quibus Oceanus Vincula rerum laxet, et
ingens Pateat tellus, Typhisque novos Detegat Orbes, nec sit terris
Ultima Thule.
Seneca: Medea.
Author's Revised Edition.

Vol. II.

Contents of Volume II.

Book XI.
I. Administration of the Adelantado.--Expedition to the Province of
Xaragua II. Establishment of a Chain of Military Posts.--Insurrection of
Guarionex, the Cacique of the Vega III. The Adelantado Repairs to
Xaragua to receive Tribute IV. Conspiracy of Roldan V. The
Adelantado repairs to the Vega in relief of Fort Conception. --His
Interview with Roldan VI. Second Insurrection of Guarionex, and his
Flight to the Mountains of Ciguay VII. Campaign of the Adelantado in
the Mountains of Ciguay

Book XII.
I. Confusion in the Island.--Proceedings of the Rebels at Xaragua II.
Negotiation of the Admiral with the Rebels.--Departure of Ships for
Spain III. Arrangement with the Rebels IV. Another Mutiny of the
Rebels; and Second Arrangement with them V. Grants made to Roldan
and his Followers.--Departure of several of the Rebels for Spain VI.
Arrival of Ojeda with a Squadron at the Western part of the Island.
--Roldan sent to meet him VII. Manoeuvres of Roldan and Ojeda

Book XIII.
I. Representations at Court against Columbus.--Bobadilla empowered
to examine into his Conduct II. Arrival of Bobadilla at San
Domingo.--His violent Assumption of the Command III. Columbus
summoned to appear before Bobadilla IV. Columbus and his Brothers

arrested and sent to Spain in Chains

Book XIV.
I. Sensation in Spain on the Arrival of Columbus in Irons.--His
Appearance at Court II. Contemporary Voyages of Discovery III.
Nicholas de Ovando appointed to supersede Bobadilla IV. Proposition
of Columbus relative to the Recovery of the Holy Sepulchre V.
Preparations of Columbus for a Fourth Voyage of Discovery

Book XV.
I. Departure of Columbus on his Fourth Voyage.--Refused Admission
to the Harbor of San Domingo--Exposed to a violent Tempest II.
Voyage along the Coast of Honduras III. Voyage along the Mosquito
Coast, and Transactions at Cariari IV. Voyage along Costa
Rica.--Speculations concerning the Isthmus at Veragua V. Discovery of
Puerto Bello and El Retrete.--Columbus abandons the search after the
Strait VI. Return to Veragua.--The Adelantado explores the Country.
VII. Commencement of a Settlement on the river Belen.--Conspiracy of
the Natives.--Expedition of the Adelantado to surprise Quibian. VIII.
Disasters of the Settlement. IX. Distress of the Admiral on board of his
Ship.--Ultimate Relief of the Settlement. X. Departure from the Coast
of Veragua.--arrival at Jamaica.--Stranding of the Ships.

Book XVI.
I. Arrangement of Diego Mendez with the Caciques for Supplies of
Provisions.--Sent to San Domingo by Columbus in quest of Relief. II.
Mutiny of Porras. III. Scarcity of Provisions.--Stratagem of Columbus
to obtain Supplies from the Natives. IV. Mission of Diego de Escobar
to the Admiral. V. Voyage of Diego Mendez and Bartholomew Fiesco
in a Canoe to Hispaniola. VI. Overtures of Columbus to the
Mutineers.--Battle of the Adelantado with Porras and his Followers.

Book XVII.
I. Administration of Ovando in Hispaniola.--Oppression of the Natives.
II. Massacre at Xaragua.--Fate of Anacaona. III. War with the Natives
of Higuey. IV. Close of the War with Higuey.--Fate of Cotabanama.

I. Departure of Columbus for San Domingo.--His Return to
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