Scorched Earth

Walter D. Petrovic
Scorched Earth

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Title: Scorched Earth
Author: Walter D. Petrovic
Release Date: September 26, 2004 [eBook #13528]
Language: English
Character set encoding: ISO-646-US (US-ASCII)
Copyright (C) 1980, 2004 by Walter D. Petrovic.

SCORCHED EARTH A Future History of Planet Earth
[email protected]
(c) Copyright 1980 + 2004
Note from Author: April 2004
This was my first novel committed to paper during my initial year of college 1979-80. I
was studying Film Production with the goal to becoming a screenwiter/director.
Life rarely allows most of us the opportunity to achieve our life-long goals but this did
not stop me from pushing-on with my writing. I recently realised that the real joy of
writing was not in the money and fame that comes with publication but the thrill that
comes with the appreciation of something that is a monumental undertaking - such as,
that of writing a book.
I do aspire to be published at some point, but for now I wish to have the world-at-large
read my works and hopefully to enjoy them.
I only request this one thing from the reader - please drop me an email to let me know
that you have looked at my work and your honest (and critical) opinion of my material.
Please enjoy, and I thank-you.
Walter D. Petrovic


The idea simply was. The single Spirit had begun what was to be the test for its being-its
endurance and tolerances. It was set into motion by great hands and the power of will,
churning the infinite matter and energy and bringing into being the stunning light of a
living state. Matter collapsed into itself, separating from chaotic waters the vapours, the
gases and ice-imploding into a bottomless abyss that collected everything into one single
focus-and not excluding the pureness of the energy itself.
Everything was brought together at one point and at one instant-fire and the waves, also.
Everything was made grand and rock hard, held together by their infinite natures and
The Universe simply was. All its heavenly bodies were compelled to turn and to make
their way into infinite end, while they grew in nature and in kind, making their firmament
and their gleaming lights to be awakened at their first moment of life-their first day. Time
had begun, and with its cycles of night and day, seconds and light years, stellar light
joined the spheres in moments so brief as to deny comprehension, in a time that spanned
infinite dreams.
Light was life. With this life, the ages passed into a third order. As if a single day had
passed twice from awakening, the heralding joys of this new-found life had permitted
growth to those things named leaves and trees-the fruits by which the life to come would
consume and hitherto live.
Perpetuation . . . assurance by tiny seed that beat with life in a harmonious pulse, the
genesis of a new life within the ground that would grow to feed the firmament with
breath and thus tempting more life to be.
The further ordered time had lapsed. In passing as if five thousand, thousand years
flashed by instantly. In these times the Universe was seen as it reeled and smiled, content
with the pleasures of being. Freedom had taken its accounting. Life left the dark waters
for the light of land. Propagating in their kind they were of dual sexes, soon to cover the
expanse of their terran home.
The Thought knew itself. The Thought was life. The Thought prompted into Its Being the
struggle to survive in the harshness of its new awareness and substance.
Flesh came from the earth. Blood coalesced from the dew of morning and eyes that could
see the new wonder were carved from the Sun's own rays. Intelligence sprang from the
swiftness of the clouds covered by the veins and hair, born from earthly grass and
breathing with the life of the wind's own spirit. Each substance could feel and find
meaning for its life. The flesh heard, the eyes saw and the souls could smell the life to its
fullest beauty. The veins of life knew the touch of life, and the currents of blood tasted
life's sweetness. Bones claimed life's stature
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