Notes and Queries, Number 25, April 20, 1850

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ⳆNotes and Queries, Number 25, April 20, 1850

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Title: Notes & Queries, No. 25. Saturday, April 20, 1850 A Medium Of Inter-Communication For Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, Etc.
Author: Various
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* * * * *
"When found, make a note of."--CAPTAIN CUTTLE.
* * * * *
No. 25.] SATURDAY, APRIL 20, 1850 [Price Threepence. Stamped Edition 4d.
* * * * * {393}
Our further Progress. 393
NOTES:-- Roger Bacon, Hints for a New Edition of. 393 Craik's Romance of the Peerage. 394 Notes on Cunningham's London, by E.F. Rimbault, LL.D. 395 Pope's Revision of Spence, by W.S. Singer. 396 Folk Lore:--Charm for the Toothache--Easter Eggs--Cure for Hooping-cough--Gootet. 397 Duke of Monmouth's Pocket-book, by C. Ross. 397
QUERIES:-- Woolton's Christian Manual. 399 Luther's Translation of the New Testament. 399 Minor Queries:--Medical Symbols--Charles II. and Lord R.'s Daughter--St. Alban's Day--Black Broth--Deputy Lieutenant of the Tower--Buccaneers--Travelling in 1590--Richard Hooker--Decker's Raven's Almanack--Prebendaries--Luther's Portrait--Rawdon Papers--Wellington, Wyrwast, &c.--Blockade of Corfe Castle--Locke's MSS.--Locke's Life of Lord Shaftesbury--Théses--Apocrypha, &c. 399
REPLIES:-- Scala Coeli, by C.H. Cooper. 402 Watching the Sepulchre. 403 Queries Answered, No. 7., by Bolton Corney. 403 Replies to Minor Queries:--Compendyous Olde Treatyse--Hurdys--Eachard's Tracts--Masters of St. Cross--Living Dog better than dead Lion--Monumental Brass--Wickliff MSS.--Hever--Steward Family--Gloves--Cromlech--Watewich--By Hook or by Crook--Tablet to Napolean--Lines on Pharaoh--Zachary Boyd--the Welsh Ambassador--Madoc--Poghell--Swingeing Tureen--"A" or "an." 404
MISCELLANEOUS:-- Notes on Books, Sales, Catalogues, &c. 407 Books and Odd Volumes wanted. 407 Notices to Correspondents. 407 Advertisements. 408
* * * * *
We have again been called upon to reprint our first Four Numbers; that is to say, to print a Third Edition of them. No stronger evidence could be afforded that our endeavour to do good service to the cause of sound learning, by affording to Men of Letters a medium of intercommunication, has met with the sympathy and encouragement of those for whose sake we made the trial. We thank them heartily for their generous support, and trust we shall not be disappointed in our hope and expectation that they will find their reward in the growing utility of "NOTES AND QUERIES," which, thanks to the readiness with which able correspondents pour out their stores of learning, may be said to place the judicious inquirer in the condition of Posthumus, and
"Puts to him all the learnings that this time Could make him the receiver of."
And here we may be permitted to avail ourselves of this opportunity, as, indeed, we feel compelled to do, to impress upon our correspondents generally, the necessity of confining their communications within the narrowest possible limits consistent with a satisfactory explanation of the immediate objects of them. "He that questioneth much," says Bacon, "shall learn much, and content much; but especially if he apply his Questions to the skill of the Persons whom he asketh. For he shall give them occasion to please themselves in speaking, and himself shall continually gather knowledge. But let his Questions not be troublesome, for that is fit for a Poser; and let him be sure to leave other Men their turn to speak." What Bacon has said so wisely and so well, "OF DISCOURSE," we would apply to our little Journal; and beg our kind friends to remember, that our space is necessarily limited, and that, therefore, in our eyes, Brevity will be as much the Soul of a communication as it is said to be that of Wit.
* * * * *
Victor Cousin, who has been for many years engaged in researches on the scholastic philosophy, with the view of collecting and publishing such of its monuments as have escaped the diligence of scholars, or the ravages of time, has lately made the discovery in the library at Douay of a copy of an inedited MS. of Roger Bacon, entitled _Opus Tertium_, of which but two or three other copies are known to exist; and has taken occasion, in some elaborate critiques, to enter, at considerable length, into the history and character of Roger {394} Bacon and his writings.[1] The following is a summary of part of M. Cousin's observations.
The Opus Tertium contains the author's last revision, in the form of an abridgment and improvement, of the _Opus
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