How to Make Love All Night and Drive a Woman mad

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NINE From Peaks to Plateaus

TEN Your First Multiple Orgasm

ELEVEN Practice, Practice, Practice

TWELVE Success!

APPENDIX Interesting Things to Read
ONE When You're Not Having Sex

APPENDIX Male Sexual Organs
TWO (diagram)

Daniel and Allison have been making love on a rainy Sunday
morning, and they are both totally turned on. It started in the
shower with a slow massage and moved to the bedroom, where they have
been having intercourse for the past ten minutes. Daniel knows that
Allison needs at least another five minutes of intercourse before
she can climax. Here's the problem: Daniel doesn't think he has five
minutes left in him.
If Daniel continues having intercourse the way he has for the
past ten minutes, it may be only a matter of seconds before he has
an orgasm. He thinks about slowing down or stopping, but to break
the rhythm now would only make it more difficult for Allison to
climax-he knows that Allison is at that stage where any kind of
change in his movement would only frustrate her. Besides, if he
tried to stop or to change the rhythm, Daniel could lose strength in
his erection, which would complicate matters even further.
This dilemma is making the whole experience a lot less
pleasurable for Daniel. The first few minutes of sex were pure
excitement, but now he is worried and conflicted. It is hard to
enjoy sex when you're fighting your own body. Truth is, you really
can't enjoy sex when you're fighting your own body. And neither can
your partner.
What Daniel does not yet know is that he has another option:
male multiple orgasm. The multiorgasmic man has staying power. He
doesn't have to hold back. He doesn't have to fight his own body and
deny himself his own pleasure. He can enjoy all of the erotic
sensations of intercourse, have a full orgasm, and keep going! If he
wishes, he can have a second orgasm, and keep going! He can last as
long as his partner wishes, experience all of the excitement and
release, and keep going! For the multiorgasmic man, the sky is truly
the limit.
Daniel is not the only man who has this exciting option. Today,
techniques have been perfected to make male multiple orgasm an

3 option for almost every man! Age doesn't matter. Previous experience
doesn't matter. Young or old, virgin or veteran, all you need is the
desire, your penis, and a few minutes a day. So don't stop now. Turn
the page and cross the threshold into a whole new sense of your own
sexuality and a whole new relationship for you and your partner.

There are many people I would like to thank. First, I wish to
thank my colleagues, Anita Banker and Michael Riskin, for helping
develop many of these techniques. I would like to thank my agent,
Barbara Lowenstein, for recognizing the value of this project. I
wish to thank my editor, Susan Moldow, and her staff, Nancy Peske
and Wendy Silbert, for their very conscientious work on this book. I
would especially like to thank my clients who tried out these
techniques and gave me their invaluable feedback. Finally, I would
like to thank my husband, John, for his computer work, his feedback
on the manuscript; and his support.

Some of the exercises in this book involve orgasm. Having an orgasm
increases your heart rate. If you have a heart condition or any
other serious medical condition, please consult your physician
before beginning this or any other exercise program.

Making Fantasy a Reality
Every woman dreams of being with a lover whose passion is so
intense and body is so strong that he can last and last and last.
Every man wants to be able to fulfill those dreams. He wants to know
that he can have intercourse for as long as he wishes, bringing his
partner to climax after climax. It certainly sounds wonderful, but
is it possible?
You are about to learn the secrets of male multiple orgasm. By
the time you have completed this book, your understanding of sexual
potential and sexual power will be changed forever. You will learn
how to prolong lovemaking for as long as you and your partner
desire. Men will learn how to master their own bodies. They will
learn how to have complete, powerful orgasms without losing their
erections, and how to have multiple orgasms-two, three, or even
more-just like a woman.
I know that this may be hard to believe. It's hard to imagine
that such sexual powers could exist for anyone. Maybe for a twenty-
year-old with unlimited
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