How To Read Body Language

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How to Read Body Language

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How to Read Body Language
If the eyes are the windows of the soul, then the body is the mirror of
our feelings. If we are feeling great it shows in how we hold and use our
body. Conversely, if we look at some one else’s body we can often tell how
they are feeling by the signals their body is giving.

So when it comes to dating, using/r eading body language signals is a great
tool. You can observe this by watching a couple flirting with each other.

In case you don’t think learning how to read and use body language is not
important, here are some statistics about the messages we receive from
someone we meet.

• 7% of the information we receive is from what they actually say.
• 38% of information we receive is from the tone, inflection and speed
of their voice.
• A staggering 55% of the informat ion we receive is from their
body language.

These non-verbal signals will help you in dealing with the person but st\
focussed on what the person is saying. If you focus too much on their body
language signals, you and/or the othe r person may feel uncomfortable.

It is useful to be able to read peopl e’s body language, but it is equally useful
to learn how to get your body to send the right signals and eliminate the
wrong signals. See below fo r some body language signals.

Be warned : body language is very much open to interpretation. Many
signals have different me anings depending on the person/situation. Keep this
mind when you assess a body language signal.

Note: Look for 3 or 4 signals that convey a similar message or the one-
off inconsistent signal. Also, consciou sly practise reading/doing some of
the signals as much as you can. Learning, as you practise, what works
and what doesn’t work for you will he lp you gain confidence to use body
language techniques consciously.

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How to Read Body Language
Body Language Signals:
• Open arms:
o Energetically open and possibly feeling vulnerable
o A good way to show you are appr oachable, especially when
combined with open palms
• Palms up/open hands:
o Defences down
o An open heart
• Palms on chest – When a person uses open palms that occasionally
touch their chest, they are signalling honesty
• Outward, upward hand movements – This conveys an open and
positive message
• Folded arms:
o A defence mechanism that shows the person is not open to what
is being said or done
o May mean rejection
o Physically cold
o Stubborn in their outlook
• Hands closed – A closed heart
• Doodling – Bored
• Fist:
o Anger and to be avoided
o Physically cold
o Very tense
o Defiant or triumphant when held in air
• Feet under the chair – A sign of eagerness
• Looking around:
o Wants to get away
o Thinking about something else
o Bored with situation/conversation
• Stroking chin – evaluating
• Mirroring – This is evidence of two people getting on really well.
Each person copies the other’s body language, usually subtly.
Mirroring occurs with:
o Gestures
o Eye movement
o Leaning towards each other at the same time
o Crossed or uncrossed legs
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How to Read Body Language
o Speech pattern
o Arm movement, or no arm movement
o Emotive energy such as being excited, relaxed, etc.
Note: If you practice this with somebody the key is to be subtle and
not be a copycat. There is a natural r hythm to the process, which is the
• Yawning:
o Bored
o Tired and that may have nothing to do with the
• Preening – This shows someone know s they are attractive
For example, flicking or
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