Guide To Sex Toys

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Guide to Sex Toys
from 4 Freedoms Tantra
There are an amazing variety of sex toys and sexual aids available on the
Internet and in sex shops for men and women. Most products mentioned in
this introductory guide are available online at our Sex Toy Store.
Dildos, dongs and cocks may be plain or include vibrators (a small motor
that vibrates). There are rubber dongs (usually black or beige), and some
have wires inside so if you bend them they will hold the new shape.
Rubber cocks can actually be carved to any shape you want after you get \
them home. You will have to use a condom after you carve them because
they will flake apart, but they are so inexpensive that you can afford t\
o use
them up rapidly this way.
Jelly cocks are soft, slippery and smooth, and come in every possible
color. They are also inexpensive, but are not of equal quality to cocks
made from silicone. Both ordinary rubber and jelly rubber are porous
materials, so if you are sharing your dildo, or using it vaginally and ana\
you'll need to use a condom to keep it clean.
On the other hand, silicone is a unique material manufactured by a
vacuum process that increases the density of the atoms in the rubber to
create a special feel on the non-porous surface. Silicone cocks will not
only last much longer, but they can actually be boiled for sterilization,
which you cannot do with rubber or jelly dongs. Most silicone cocks are \
hand made by small manufacturers.
Cocks are also made from Pyrex glass. Pyrex is
a stronger, safer form of glass and with proper
care these products could last for hundreds of
years. There is also a new synthetic
"cyberskin" material with the look and feel of a
real penis. This material simulates the softness
of skin and the rigidity of erectile tissue - truly a feat of engineering and
quite an advance over the older rubber based products.

Hygiene and Safety
* Because rubber and jelly rubber are porous it is impossible to keep them
properly sterilized. The risk is obvious if you are sharing your toys or\

using them for both the vagina and anus. These toys cannot be boiled and
even bleach will only clean, but does not sterilize them. Furthermore,
bleach will cause the rubber to disintegrate rapidly. The only way to us\
rubber and jelly rubber toys safely is to use them with condoms. After use,
discard the condom and wash the toy with warm water and mild soap.
Silicone on the other hand is non-porous. It can be easily cleaned and c\
be boiled for sterilization or run through the dishwasher. Silicone sex \
have many advantages and are definitely worth the extra cost.
• Hypoallergenic (many people are allergic to latex and other forms
of rubber)
• Warm to the touch (responds quickly to temperature, will match
and retain your body heat, can be quickly warmed under hot water)
• Sterile, does not retain bacteria like rubber and soft vinyl
• Cleans easily with soap and water
• Can be boiled (four minutes kills anything)
• Suitable for dual use in anus and vagina or for sharing between
partners if cleaned properly
• Odor free, does not retain smell like rubber and soft vinyl
• Non-porous, does not absorb fluids
• Does not flake or break apart like rubber and soft vinyl, can last a
Many people are allergic to latex. Most sex toys are made from non-latex
rubber, but even supposedly non-latex products may contain a little bit of
latex. If you are concerned about a latex allergy, select hard plastic, \
silicone rubber, metal or glass toys only.
Don't submerge in water the part of a battery vibrator that holds the
batteries. Do not submerge electric vibrators in water at all. Exceptions to
this are
waterproof vibrators.
Leather harnesses can be cleaned with a damp cloth, and nylon harnesses
can go in the washing machine with your laundry.
"Real Men"
Some cocks are actually molded from the erections of real men, for
John Holmes the legendary porn star whose character was
featured in the Hollywood hit, Boogie Nights. John Holmes, "The King",
appeared in over 2500 adult films and reputedly made love to over 15,000

women during his lifetime. Other "big" names in this industry, with dongs
named or molded after them are:
Dean Phoenix, Adam Hart, Marc
Wallace, Steve Rambo, Jeff Stryker, Sean Michaels, Ron Jeremy and
If you are looking for large, some of these cocks are up to 16 inches long
and 7 inches around - very meaty. Here is the humorous description of
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