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Claire finished the breakfast dishes and was on her way out the door from her upscale suburban
home and into the big four wheel drive Ford Explorer. Gliding smoothly into traffic, she thought
that lately shopping seemed to be her only outlet. Her husband Frank was away on business at
least three nights a week, and usually more. Not to be complaining, Frank is a wonderful provider
and father for her and the twins, but it seemed like they hardly ever saw each other, let alone
spending any meaningful time together.
As she pulled into the mall parking garage, Claire's thoughts turned to the ad she had seen in the
local newspaper--OPENING FRIDAY!!! BOUDOIR LINGERIE!!! Claire had been taken by the
ad immediately, and she really could use some new bras and panties. Even though she and Frank
had been married for eight years Claire had managed to stay in good shape, and for a thirty three
year old she still could turn a man's head, and the only real change in her body was her chest size.
When she graduated from college Claire was a perfect 34-C, but after the birth of her daughters,
her boobs had grown to a very heavy 34-D. Although they sagged a little, she still filled out a bra
like a centerfold, and when he did show some interest, Frank liked to tell her that no Playboy
bunny could hold a candle to her! As she entered the mall she thought of the last time he had
sucked her tits, and her nipples got getting hard just thinking about it inducing her to look down
at her chest and see the two buds poking through the her blouse, casuing her to shiver!!!
There was hardly a sole to be seen as Claire headed off to find the new store, BOUDOIR
LINGERIE, and after locating a store register directory, she found that it was on Level 3 East.
The elevator ride and walk to the store took about five minutes, but when she approached the
door she realized it was about a half hour until opening, and as she was just about to walk away,
she caught a movement behind the glass. As she focused her eyes, Claire saw an attractive woman
of about forty five coming to the locked door. She clicked the latch, opened the door and invited
Claire to come in, introducing herself as Marie while extending her hand. As Claire was shaking
hands she gave Marie a quick look over--tall, about 5'10' Claire guessed, dark brown hair with
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just a touch of gray that was pulled back behind her head and held in place with a silver barrette
while a stern but attractive face that was highlighted with light pink rouge and matching lip gloss.
Tactfully dressed in a light gray suit with a rose colored silk blouse that was accented by a loosely
tied mauve scarf, the hem of her skirt was just about knee high and covered obviously athletically
trim legs while black patent leather high heals completed the ensemble!!! Impressive to say the
Marie led Claire into the main lingerie department and commented that she was her first
customer and she wanted to give Claire her undivided attention. After a few pleasantries were
exchanged Marie got down to business and asked Claire exactly what she was looking for, after
which Claire told her that a few bra and panty sets would be good for starters. Marie quickly led
Claire to the expensive Amore' line that was being endorsed by a European actress. Marie asked
Claire to remove her coat and after giving her a quick once over, she selected flesh colored and
black sets and led Claire to the changing room. Claire didn't usually try on underclothes in a
store, but this time she seemed to be swept along by the aura that Marie exuded.
Claire expected Marie to hand her the clothes and wait outside the changing room, but instead she
gently pulled her inside and closed the door. In a matter of fact tone Marie instructed Claire to
remove her clothes, and after hesitating for a moment, a firm look from Marie made Claire begin
to undress. Although she was embarrassed, Claire quickly removed all of her clothing until she
was standing naked before the approving eyes of Marie. It was strange but Claire was proud of
the way her body looked, and never in her whole life had she ever thought about displaying herself
to another woman, however here she was in a changing room standing naked before a total
stranger!!! In a soft voice Marie murmured, "Very nice," while handing the flesh colored panties
to Claire and told her to put them on.
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